Need help writing an app

I want to write an app to schedule my Orbit hose timer. I've seen in RM that in some cases you can enter data and when the page gets refreshed, more input areas show up. I would like to be able to input multiple schedules per day using this technique without hardcoding the number of schedules if possible. I have looked at SmartThings apps and poked around at other apps, but can't find anything that looks like it does that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My Scene app does something along those lines. At first you can pick one or more lights as a "group". When you hit OK on the light picker to update the group field, the app refreshes its display so you can choose to turn the lights on or off, and a new light picker is added below that to let you select another group of lights. If you select "on" for a group, the app refreshes and adds level and color temp fields right below the on/off switch.

It's based on a dynamicPage that contains fields with submitOnChange set to true. When one of these fields is updated, it causes the app to re-render the dynamic settings page. In my case, that involves looking through the list of settings that have already been configured to determine what inputs to render.

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Thank you! I will check it out...

@Cobra and @CAL.hub are using HE to water their yards. Maybe they can help.

Using the dynamicPage and submitOnChange did exactly what I needed, thank you!