Zooz 4-in-1 (ZSE40), C7, S0

Is there a way to add a ZSE40 to hubitat using a secondary controller to force an insecure inclusion?

Yes, post 7 above,

Awesome thanks, sorry I missed that. Sorry for all the questions, new to Hubitat.

Did you have to put the Hubitat hub in inclusion mode to use NWI on the SI software? From there you put the SI software into inclusion mode, added the ZSE40 and unchecked the security functionality?

Just this. No need to do anything on the Hubitat side (other than already have the secondary controller set up). There were no security prompts from the PC Controller software.

One thing I haven't seen directly confirmed - can you pair w/out security using a Z-Wave 700 series secondary controller, or do you have to have a 500 to avoid security?

I just re-paired my sensors to verify my process. Here were the exact steps:

  1. Include the Z-Stick (mine is the Homeseer SmartStick+) as a secondary controller using PC Controller software (I'm using version 5.39). When including to Hubitat include in unsecured mode (uncheck any security boxes that Hubitat prompts)
  2. In the PC Controller software click on the secondary controller line.
  3. Click the 'Add' button.
  4. Push the button on the ZSE40 2-3 times to wake it up and get into inclusion mode. (Have the logging screen open and you will see activity including an 'Add Node completed' message)
  5. Go back to the Z-Wave details page in Hubitat and check to see that it's there. There should be "None" in the Security column.

@bill.d do you have a link?

Here it is: Z-Wave Embedded SDK - Silicon Labs. You have to sign up for an account to download the software. You also need to have a USB Z-Wave stick of some sort. As I said I have the HomeSeer version. Amazon has several that work fine. Nortek, Zooz, Aeotec, etc.

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I found that but i didn't think it was correct so thanks :smiley: . I'm assuming i download the embedded SDK then PC controller?

Just PC Controller is needed to work with the USB stick. If you need more info on how to get the secondary set up, the directions in this post are pretty thorough


@agnes.zooz Ignorant question on my part... But, would it be possible to add S2 support to the existing HW?... I mean if it's "just" FW, 1's and 0's right? Should be easy enough :wink:

We'll definitely consider it. That may require recertification which will affect the product price but we're not ruling this out. I'll post here if we end up introducing a new firmware version for S2.


seems like a lot of work to pair in non s0 mode. i tried in hubitat no choice .. so or hit the hiway.. anyway i am scrapping mine for this reason

Another vote for S2 support for the ZSE40 v2! Sure wish I'd found this thread before purchasing 4 of them... days of agonizing over poor mesh performance finally pointed to the ZSE40s. Fun fact: if you include more than 2 of these units in a network with 40+ devices your HE z-wave radio will simply quit working! Full radio reset is the only thing that brings it back.

Putting my ZSE40s in storage in the hopes that a FW update will be made available.

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Had mine paired without security and it still took down my network with a storm of repeating messages.

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I'm about at my last try with these. I have 4 of them I was using on ST and every time I get to the 3rd one set up on Huibitat all my Zwave switches stop working. I've already ordered a zwave stick to try the no security work around. While waiting for it I decided to try again adding them with the default S0. Everything had been working fine for a couple days, One added, all still working, 2 added, still working. 3rd added boom all zwave switches not responding again. I can see status changes when you turn them on and off and I can see motion activation but the switches no longer respond to commands.

Removing the 4 in 1s again. I'll try one more time once the zwave stick arrives and if they bring everything down again they go in a box and I'll order something else.

(Just removed 2 and everything starts working again with only one connected.)

(Also note it is not a bad device because I've done them in different orders each attempt.)

I swapped mine out for some Fibaro motion sensors. They do illuminance, motion, and temperature, which is really all I need. They work well, and the cats-eye blinks can be disabled (not popular in my house).

I just bought a Fibaro and like it, too! Do note that if you're trying to avoid S0, it's the only security these devices support, and as far as I can tell they (like the Zooz but unlike some others) don't have a separate pairing procedure for S0 vs. non-secure pairing. So, you'll still need the stick or some other workaround to avoid that here. But aside from the usual S0 overhead, I'm not saying it will cause the same problems you may have seen on other devices.

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I have 4 of the Fibaro motion sensors connected with S0 and it's been fine... not as chatty as the Zooz and my mesh has been very stable.

Thanks for the recommendations. I wish the Dome motion sensors were still around. I have 3 of those that just plain work.