S0 security and C7

With the new C-7 if a device supports security it seems it will always use it. This isn't ideal for devices that just don't work well with it. So what is need in the driver to ensure it will work correctly for S0?
Also need to list what devices are not currently working correctly in this mode as then the HE guys can sort the problems. I asumm that will be @bcopeland AND/OR @mike.maxwell

In my case the ist issue i hit is the Fibaro dimmer 2 driver. I need to use the inputs for other devices so the community driver by @ericm is what I use, but it doesn't seem to work for the scene events yet. Any ideas?

Another one, the fibaro motion sensor 5 joins as a device because S0

The problem is a Silicon Labs 700 chipset issue, not Hubitat. I've been able to use a secondary controller to add a Zooz sensor without security.

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