Device status not updating

Post a screenshot of your settings, zwave details page. Look for any devices with nothing in the clusters column.

Looks like they all have something, but some don't have anything listed for out.

I took my own advice and removed that bulb that I thought was causing the issues, and unscrewed it from the socket. So far, things seem better, but I'm also running my refresh automation on a loop. I'll go stop that now and see if stuff breaks.

As long as there is something in clusters you're fine. If possible it might be worth pairing those motion sensors without security. S0 is about 3 times the traffic and with them being motion sensors they could cause a lot.

I've seen the screenshot for the setting on another post, but I can't seem to find that setting. Do you know where it is?

It's configured at the time of pairing. If you don't get a popup option when you pair it then you'll need a secondary controller to pair it unsecurely using PC Controller v5 bundled in Simplicity Studio. You can pickup a UZB7 from mouser for about 19 bucks.

Okay, did just find this:

Looks like the C7's zwave chipset forces it.

With the exception of a pair of zigbee bulbs not reporting their state, things are much better after pulling the inovelli bulb out. Hubitat support emailed me a few hours ago and said they pulled that bulb from compatibility list for the C7. I'd suspect a secondary controller might resolve this issue as well. It just doesn't seem like something that I should have to purchace for a brand new hub. I'll probably hold off for now, since it's gotten better.

They have to support S0 for certification reasons but I wouldn't want S0 on my mesh if I could help it and for 19 bucks its a small price to not have that crap on there.

Is there a guide for the setup?

Yea, @danabw wrote one. I don't have the link handy but he'll come by in a few and post it I'm sure.

Found the link...


Just a quick note - my guide is about using a UZB stick w/PC Controller to remove ghosts from the hub. It doesn't really talk about using the UZB stick w/PC Controller to join devices to Hubitat. The guide will give you some familiarity w/how the PC Controller works w/a UZB stick, but doesn't detail the steps to use it to join devices to your hub.

Click on the shield in the upper right.


Then uncheck S0


After you get the PC Controller software installed and the device recognized you pair it to your hub by starting a new zwave device pairing on the hub and then going to pc controller, clicking on learn mode and then nwi.

After the stick is joined as a secondary controller you can use nwi to add devices and they will join to the hub mesh.

If we're talking about Zigbee devices on the compatible list, using inbuilt drivers, then this for sure is a weak mesh issue.

Actually, on the zigbee side, it appears to be only a single device type (and it's using the generic driver). It's only the wemo bulbs that are having the issue. With the other issues I had, I assumed it was more widespread initially. The DH in ST shows 4 states for power (on, off, turningOn, turningOff). I wonder if the "Generic Zibee bulb" driver that I'm using in Hubitat doesn't understand the 'turningOff' state and just reports the bulb as the last known state, or if there is a different driver I could switch to that is close enough.

Ah, so the dongle will act as a secondary controller in the existing mesh? I figured there'd have to be some software that would need to exist to connect the two networks together. If that's all it is, it doesn't sound so difficult.

In Hubitat and for all actual devices there's no such thing as turning on or turning off, this is because this usually takes 100ms or less to happen...
This is an st construct designed to make you feel better when your lights take 10 years to turn on...


@mike.maxwell are the wemo bulbs as problematic for repeating as GE Links and Crees?

The PC Controller v5 software is used when you actually want to do something with the UZB stick. Otherwise I just leave the device disabled.

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No idea, never even tried one.

How about the Ikea bulbs? One appears to be very popular in getChildAndRouteInfo table.

I hope not. They did seem to work well in ST and really filled in my mesh nicely.