Bathroom Humidity Fan

I just got a sonoff zigbee temp/humidity and its been great even outside in sub freezing temps.


Do you have a C7 version of the Hubitat hub? If so, you must use a secondary controller ($20, any will work) and PC Controller software (free) to add a ZSE40 to your Z-Wave mesh. Pairing directly to the C7 will get you only trouble as the C7's 700 series chipset will only pair with S0 security and will likely kill your mesh and drain the battery. When paired with no security the unit will work as intended.

I use the NYCE Zigbee sensors where I need humidity. They work well, look good, have long battery life, but are expensive.

link please, I'd try one<x>nk-APP-p-1715999.html?akmClientCountry=CA&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc_organic&gmcCountry=CA&utm_content=minha&utm_campaign=minha-ca-en-pc&currency=CAD&cur_warehouse=CN&createTmp=1

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I prefer the Nyce ceiling sensors for bathrooms since you can cover inside the bath for motion and keep the lights on even with a fairly short timeout. Also provides temp and humidity and is Zigbee so don't have the typical zwave issues like update speed. Zigbee motion is about 4 times faster. For other areas I just needed motion and temp so the Samsung 2018 motion sensors work best for me. They're also Zigbee and I use the for triggering lights in different areas based on time of day and r situation.

Both are pretty expensive though and sometimes hard to find. Batteries in the Nyce sensors last for about 5 years on 2 triple a battrries so that's also something to consider.

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Thanks for recommendations all.

I’ll probably go with the Sonoff Zigbee. I was deciding between it and the AerQ. I’d love the dew point, mold-condition calculation, and high/low watermark features of the AerQ but the footnote on AeoTec’s site says Hubitat doesn’t support the dew-point & mold.

I’ve got about 20-25 feet of distance between the hub and the sensor location, two interior walls and a floor. This would be my first Zigbee device (so no repeaters). Should not be a problem signal-wize, I gather?

Yup. Just found your posts in the thread about C7 Hub / SO security on ZSE40 problems. I’m on a Mac. Also would rather spend on more or different sensors than a secondary hub to get the ZSE40 included without security.

Note that I wouldn’t buy any new 500 series battery powered Z-Wave device, S0 issues or not.

Now I know. I feel like Hubitat should put an asterisk next to the ZSE40 in the list of compatible devices until Zooz re-certifies it or something. I ordered it going off of that list.

Nyce’s do look great - Thanks for suggestions! I learned that don’t have much use for the motion sensor in this situation but I’ll keep a mental bookmark for a next project.


Looks like that has already been done...


Whoops. This is very likely my user error! :grimacing:

Perhaps... I think it was a fairly recent addition.

same, same...

Added an option to create a virtual switch and a switch selector to use in other rules to keep the lights on or whatever other crazy things you guys come up with. It will sync the switch state with the current operation of the fan. Add it to any motion lighting rules to disable turning off the lights when it's on. I wouldn't put the light itself in there in case your fan evacuates the humidity faster than the bath or shower. The device will automatically name itself the same as the child app. You can rename it if you like.

Just noticed this. Did it clear up?

Added with lateset release.

I'll have to recheck!

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While trying to replicate the issue the only case I could find any null error was where the combined humidity sensor hadn't yet acquired a humidity value yet. Usually right after creation before all the sensors used in the combined had reported in. This went away after the first check in within a couple of minutes though. Would be helpful to add the version number as the line numbers change sometimes.

Ok, so yes I get this error when trying to go into the main app. I never setup any humidity sensors in there though as I have my own averaged one. So I can not even get into the parent app now.

Version is: 1.1.28

EDIT: Ok I just deleted the app/child and started over. All working now.

New Version? 1.1.29

Yea, no major changes though. Just refactored some code.

Ok was able to replicate that other error. I just went into the parent app and chose 3 humidity sensors...after that it errored. Same error as above and I can't get back into the parent app.

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I'll take a look in the morning. What model of humidity sensor are you using and could you post a screenshot of the device page showing its current attributes for humidity?