Does anyone know if Hubitat supports Yonomi? Yonomi is an Integration Platform to help connect smart home devices. It was able to scan all the devices on my Wink and control them. I used it to be able to use Siri to control all my devices. It doesn't seem to see any devices on Hubitat.

You don't need any external integration to control your devices using Siri with Hubitat. It has a built-in HomeKit integration, which is currently in beta.

If you wish to use Apple Home to control your Hubitat devices when you are away from your local WiFi network, you should add an Apple Home hub, like a HomePod mini, to your home.

Yonomi looks like a cloud-platform that integrates with several devices, and permits rudimentary cloud-based automation. Hubitat can do that locally, with multiple much more powerful automation engines.


Thank you for your response. I am using the HomeKit integration but my understanding is that to control locks, you need to create virtual switches that you then control with Siri. For some reason, I am unable to get virtual switches to show up in Homekit although I am still working on it.
Do you know if Yonomi is supported by Hubitat?

You should start a thread for this.

Some people also choose to run a separate instance of Homebridge to expose locks and garage door openers to HomeKit. And that also works locally without any cloud involvement.

I don't know. Have you asked the people at Yonomi that? Hubitat does have a simple mechanism of integration (MakerAPI) that is easy to use.

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Thanks. I did start a thread on the virtual switch issue but there was no clear resolution to the issue [link]

I am using Homebridge for my garage doors, I don't think there is a working plugin for my lock (schlage BE469).

I'll contact Yonomi

You need to integrate Hubitat and HomeBridge. And then expose your lock to that integration. There are at least two separate integrations available:

  1. New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI. Written by @dan.t
    This one has been around for 4 years, and works great. But it takes a little of configuration.
  2. [RELEASE] Homebridge Hubitat v2.0. Written by @tonesto7
    This one is just as versatile as the first, and very easy to configure.

There is really no need to use something cloud dependent - like Yonomi.


Thank you, I will give them a try.

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Yeah - both those integrations are very popular. I use @dan.t's, but I know that @tonesto7's is also widely used. You can follow up with questions in the two threads that I linked to.

BTW, your link to your issue with virtual switches and HomeKit never showed up. You have to join the owner's group to post links, images, and send PMs. You can become a member here:


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Cool, I am now an owner....

I read parts of your virtual switch thread. Can’t say I know what’s going on, but I suggest exposing your locks via Homebridge. That’s what I do. Perfectly functional in Apple Home.

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I did install the Homebridge v2 plugin. The virtual switch shows up now but it is not controllable from Hubitat. I need to spend some more time working on this.

Why not expose your lock directly? If you’re using Homebridge there’s no need for virtual switches.

Is your Hubitat on the same vlan as Homebridge and your Apple Home hub?

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No, HE is on a different LAN than the Apple hub and Homebridge. I may need to figure out how to get them on the same network

This is the cause behind all the issues you've been having. HomeKit (and the Home hub) requires HomeKit bridges to be on the same (V)LAN. And like Homebridge, Hubitat is a HomeKit bridge.

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Thanks, makes sense. I'll see what I can do.

HomeKit uses HAP, which uses Bonjour (multicast DNS) for discovery. Unless you specifically setup a multicast reflector, or route multicast between VLANs, devices may be discovered, but will become uncontrollable.

Even when everything is on the same LAN, it is important that multicast be routed between the wireless and wired segments of the LAN.


aaiyar, I could tell when you found out I had multiple networks, a giant light went off... Anyway, thanks very much for this, I moved the HE to the same network and the virtual switch works like a charm.

I don't know for sure that Yonomi doesn't integrate with HE, but I see no evidence that it does. Now that I have virtual switches and HE/HK working, I don't need it so I will close this thread.

Again, many thanks.

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Actually, since you have HomeBridge running, why not export your locks from Hubitat to HomeBridge, and bring them into HomeKit via HomeBridge? No need for virtual switches either .....


Yes, thanks.

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It would be interesting because of well good location features in yonomi app…
For now except with jailbreak phone or with google script .. it have nothing to link a routine to another service…
If it could be done it would be very nice!

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