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I am considering a change from ST to HE. While waiting on my HE hub to arrive, I am planning my transition and In ST I used several virtual switches to manage routines but have not seen the capability in HE. Is there an app to allow me to create virtual switches?

When you add a new device to Hubitat, one of the choices is to add a virtual device. There are a number of built-in and community drivers for a plethora of virtual devices.


Thank you. A general search for Virtual Switch was not really getting any results. I realize the syntax used may be a bit different, so I thought I would ask.

ST may have been forcing my use for them as they shut down functionality, but better safe than sorrt.

Here is a listing of built-in virtual devices, except the couple that say (user) which are community drivers.


Beautiful. Thank you.

I hate this period of time between when you've ordered something and when it actually arrives but you're ready to get started 10 minutes before you ever ordered it.

Thanks again for the peek into what it looks like


To add to the above, Hubitat has other features like hub variables (and just more powerful built-in apps) that may lessen your need for virutal devices in the first place. But, yes, they're there...and you can make almost anything that isn't. :slight_smile:


I extensively use routines and automations to run my house turning things on and off when I need them and to conserve electricity where I can. Started off with ST 7 years ago, and in that time, I actually feel like the capabilities got less and less as time went on. So, my ability to find ways of building what I needed got more and more creative

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If you use/used webCoRE on Smartthings, you can import your pistons to work on Hubitat. That's how me and many others made the jump.

I use a couple virtual switches for things like getting around Google Assistant not allowing you to unlock doors. I created a routine on my phone where I say "Hey Google, unlock the back door" and it just flips a virtual switch. A rule (well, piston) is then triggered by the switch change and unlocks the door. I do the same thing with the garage door.

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Big fan of Webcore, I have about 20 scripts ready to port over. I had heard it was an easy to move from ST to HE.

When ST transitioned a lot of stuff and got rid of the ability to have and if then else, how is forced into using several virtual switches. I also use them for setting different power on schemes when the grandchildren visit. Quicker to change all the rules that way.

HE has a LOT more functionality than ST. Be sure to start reading up on all the built-in apps that are a click away. Some apps, like Room Lighting and Groups & Scenes, help with the process of tying a virtual switch to groups of lights and lighting automation in general. Those are barely the tip of the iceberg.

Here's some light reading to get you going:

It doesn't look like Room Lighting has been added to the regular docs yet, but you can read about it here:

Also, be sure you HE is updated fully, including the Z-wave firmware before you start adding anything. Will save you potential headaches.

Here's the post about the Z-wave update. If you don't have the firmware update button then you're probably already updated. There's a URL in the post to check.

Thanks for the info. As I prepare for this migration I am realizing how much of what I did was only necessary to meet the ever-changing needs of ST as it marched toward Edge. I will take a look at the apps as soon as I get the hub in this AM.

Side Question (it wont let me post another new topic fr 7 hours):

I have several devices that utilize their own app bridged to ST to function (Smart Life, Meross, and SensorPro). They are mostly Wifi devices by Tuya or other small mfgs and do various things like garage doors, LEDs, and thermometers.

Looking through the site, I find references and workarounds for most of these, but they also seem to be older postings (2018-2020). Are there newer solutions?

for Tuya i use this but only have 2 devices a dehumidifier and a usb switch

i belive some people have got Meross working, i only have one and thats on my Hubitat so no need for me to integrate it

never heard of SensorPro so :person_shrugging:

I think if you join the owners group the restrictions will be lifted.

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Worked like a champ, thanks.

Thanks for all the information. I will post my results once I have a chance to check it all out.

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