Use Zwave wall switch with LIFX GU10?

Is it possible to use a zwave wall switch to control a LIFX GU10 bulb?

So that I can use my Hubitat to control when to turn it off and on and also add to other zwave light fixtures to form a group ? I know I wont be able to change the color temp and other things with Hubitat just yet..

Local Control "may" be coming via a custom driver. Keep an eye on this thread for updates.

In the meantime, you should be able to use the driver I ported from smartthings. You would first need to create a group in the Lifx mobile app and add the bulbs you wish to control in Hubitat. Then install the driver and configure using the exact name of the group you created.

This LifxGroup of Groups driver should allow you to control the temp and color as well.

Excellent ! Following the local control thread. Thanks!

But without the LIFX GoG driver, can I simply setup the wall switch ( Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 On Off Wall Switch ZEN26 ) to control when to turn on the lifx bulb? A simple on and off.

I assume with the GoG driver or the upcoming LIFX driver, i wont need the zwave wall switch at all.

You need a driver of some type to interact with anything on the Hubitat hub. The GoG driver is the only one that exists in HE at the moment (that I know of) yes the first step to controlling your bulb will be to install that driver. After that, you would have to use Rule Machine or another app to tie the Lifx bulb to other devices.

So this negates the need for a zwave wall switch?

Once you have the bulbs added to HE and can control it from the device page....your options are numerous. You can setup a dashboard, you can tie it to a physical switch, tie it to a motion really just depends on what hardware you have connected to HE. Let us know HOW you would like to control the bulbs and we can suggest different ways to get there.

Can you elaborate on this please? Is this just a regular physical switch or a zwave switch?

I think it would be best to start with what you would like to occur because I'm not sure what you are asking.

I'm assuming you want to control your Lifx bulbs via an automation or via a physical switch/button. You mentioned the Zooz zwave switch so I assumed you already had this in your possession and added to Hubitat. If you are asking for a recommendation on what switch to buy, then that is "probably" not what you are looking for. Those switched are designed to attach to regular lighting loads so you can control existing dumb switches. Technically you can use it to control Lifx and other smart bulbs but that's not their intended use.

I personally would recommend a button devices instead but what I would recommend would depend on how/where you plan to use it.

Let us know what equipment you have and how you would like to control the bulbs and we can better help.
Eg. Control via physical switch, button device, motion, voice. Do you need to setup color scenes with the switch...etc?

I have a small nook area with some art work I'd like to illuminate with the LIFX GU 10 as a downlight. Something very simple to turn on the light in the area at a certain time and turn it off at a certain time with a hubitat ruleset - together with other zwave enabled light switches as a group ( group scene ), whilst being able to independently / manually turn it on /off with a wall switch for the nook. setting the color scene via also be great via the hub.

I dont have anything purchased yet - so starting from scratch.

Does this help?

Yes, thanks. Everything you mentioned (except the manual control) can be done easily with built in HE apps. Is there an existing wall switch that controls the fixture that the bulb will be installed into and is it essential to have the wall switch look like a standard switch or are you willing to mount a button controller to the wall?

If you have the budget for it I always recommend getting a Lutron Pro SmartBridge and Pico remotes. This system works extremely well with HE and the Picos can be mounted in a way that they look exactly light their switches.
This is what it would look like when mounted over a standard faceplate.

Yes there is an existing manual wall switch to control the fixture. I dont mind a button controller if it replaces the wall switch ( same location ) . I dont want to make the wall switch redundant with the button controller. Also depends on the aesthetic of the button controller.

Depending on how handy you are, it would probably be best to disconnect the switch from the equation altogether (connect line to load) and install a button device where the dumb switch is located. Dumb switches and smart bulbs dont usually play nice..

Then with a button controller app, you have the freedom to setup how the light responds to being pushed (held or double taped in some cases). The pico above is a nice clean install that fits inside the faceplate like a standard dumb switch. Unfortunately with this you would also need a Lutron Caseta Pro hub but if you budget allows for it...I highly recommend it. You could then install their physical switches that are awesome as well. Just remember that you need the Caseta PRO hub.

Ahh - I already went with the Legrand adorne line in other areas of the house so dont want to add the lutrons to the mix!

I also have and use these 2 button devices that dont require a hub. I'm sure other in the community can provide other recommendations.
And the Remotec zwave zrc-90

Whats the issue here? So its preferable to use button controllers with LIFX bulbs rather than regular manual toggle switches if you want manual on/off controls ?

The issue is that with smart bulbs you really want them powered up all the time - which is obviously counter to how a physical wall switch works. Otherwise when the switch is powered down, you lose all control of the smart bulb - as it has no power going to it.

So a workaround is to replace the physical wall switch with a button/button controller, and leave the bulb powered up, and thus controllable, all the time. The button just sends a command to HE or whatever hub to control the light.

What I recommend, is if you can give up the color changing ability, just get a zwave wall switch and a regular bulb. Very simple, almost impossible to mess up, and easy for ANYONE to use (well, anyone that can use a light switch... lol).

If you really want color changing, then you will have to do something different with the wall switch/wiring or live with the bulb being unreachable/uncontrollable/throwing an error if the wall switch is off and there is no power to the bulb.

Or a less elegant option, if you can live without use of the wall switch, is turn on the switch and put a lock on it (they sell them at Lowes, etc), or put tape over it. Then you would only control it from Hubitat, lifx app, etc.

I'm not sure I'd recommend that - it makes it very difficult to reset the smart bulb (which, as you know, generally requires power cycling the bulb a few times). Putting some sort of cover over the switch would be a good idea. Unless you can put a switch somewhere else inline with the bulb of course.

@juju mentioned earlier that he would prefer to have the button device replace the existing switch in line.

While true, resetting the bulb should rarely be needed and ( in most cases) you can easily move the bulb to another fixture...however these are gu10's so you may be correct in that there may not be other compatible fixtures in the house.