Use Zwave wall switch with LIFX GU10?


Do you know, I'd actually never considered moving the bulb to another fixture to reset it!!! D'oh! :man_facepalming:

Although when I finally get around to getting my LIFX downlights installed I'm definitely having a switch :slight_smile:


Did you guys see this?


Also another hidden surprise: the Day/Dusk bulbs are capable of up to 6000K now with the new firmware. You can set it via HE, but not with their app yet. Definitely makes those bulbs a lot more versatile for the average person using color temperature.


I read your reply and had a chuckle, then saw the emoji and thought β€œ when did the current POTUS get his own emoji ??” :joy:
It’s still eatly in the morning, here. :sleeping:


Oh, I like those - not sure I need one, but who knows :slight_smile:


Interest in the candelabra lights completely depends on cost and lumens produced.


Yeah, they're cool, but I'm going to have to wait til the price comes wayyy down. Even at Hue's prices that's a very expensive chandelier.


I don't even really think they are that cool. Lol. When I used Hue bulbs (before removing them for higher lumen bulbs) I almost never used the color change ability.

Sure, the kids loved to play with it, but I never found it interesting/useful. Just a gimmick.

I'll take a one color, but much brighter, bulb any day.


So far, the only interesting thing I have using color is: visual feedback of something.

Garage Door Open = purple
Perimeter Door(s) open too long = orange
Also, both are now using TTS to Google Home Mini.


I have a 3-bulb lamp in our living room that is on rainbowcycle mode for parties. The rest of the time I choose the colors, often holiday/season related. Then I have 3 outdoor lampposts on rainbow mode 365 days of the year.

From a utilitarian standpoint I find CT bulbs more useful and have them throughout the house - warmer at night, cooler during the day.


Same here.
Blue = leak detected (this one saved me a couple of times already)
Green = doorbell (for when I'm gaming in the office with the headphones on)
Very Dark Dim blue = Movie mode (so we can still see enough to avoid impaling ourselves on the kids toys if we need to get up for any reason)


I wanted to explore using colors to highlight a few oil paintings. Not sure how it will look as compared to using normal white accent lights. But want to try it.


Now I have another problem to solve - finding 4 inch recessed light trims that are deep enough to take the lifx GU10s. Seems they are slightly longer than the regular GU10.


very funny!


In hindsight it's hilarious...but at the moment of impact, when your vision gets blurry, and pain is at its threshold, all you can think is....I'm take EVERY @#$g toy into the garage, light them on fire and bask in the glow of their destruction.


@SmartHomePrimer..that one's for you :wink:


Only to buy them all back again in a few days due to the greater pain you are going to be in if you don't replace them asap!!