Sonoff zigbee switch

I thought all sonoff devices were wifi but since ordering a basic r3 I've now stumbled a cross this which seems like something even more easier to implement... I guess it's only the switch (equivalent to the basic switch) so doesn't cover all the other sonoff devices so not as widely known or new or useful? If there any reason not to buy this over the wifi version whne using a hubitat? I assume there are no drivers for this device or perhaps falls under a generic device?


If it functions as a repeater for Aqara sensors, it would be the cheapest Aqara repeater on the market.

Most likely we won't know until someone identifies the Zigbee radio in it and/or does a command sniff. However, I'm willing to bet that it will work on HE using the Generic Zigbee Switch driver.

This should work with the generic zigbee switch. repeater?, that's unknown...


FYI, Here is a tear down.

Anyone ever get one to try it out?

I order mine last week and will let you know.
On the HA form there are people who have it repeating to Xiaomi devices which could be of interest.

I have one and it's working fine with the generic zigbee switch driver. Not sure about the routing aspect.


Help me out here what is everyone using these things for?

just hooked mine up to a lamp and it working perfectly.

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@at9. Did you have to cut the power cord to the lamp and put this device in between?

yeah I actually just removed the switch and replaced it.

I just installed it and upon device discovery it said "Nue Zigbee Switch". It works perfectly, is there any need to switch to the generic zigbee switch? Otherwise seems to work perfectly.

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If it's working fine I'd just leave it. From memory it wasn't picked as any device when I paired mine so tried out the generic switch to see if it worked.

Maybe they changed the chip/signature or something. I got mine yesterday so they should be quiet new. Anyway works like a charm. If this is indeed a repeater it's a gamechanger for sure - especially for that price!

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Worth pointing out again for the uninitiated, the device is rated for 10A max, nominal US/CA circuits being 15A. I use several myself, just be careful in your application.


Even more worth noting as those ratings are rather high and one is advised to not go and target those 10 amps. In europe most houses and lines are 10 amps rated so everything that works without killing your normal cables should work.

Are you tring it with tasmota firmware?

Although tasmota now supports esp82xx-based devices, there's no need to use it with the Sonoff zigbee switch, because it already works locally (as intended) with Hubitat.

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Ok I see...I was thinking to the possibility to use sonoff bridged to a fisical switch on my wall in order to have a "normal" usage of my lights.