Sonoff zigbee switch

I thought all sonoff devices were wifi but since ordering a basic r3 I've now stumbled a cross this which seems like something even more easier to implement... I guess it's only the switch (equivalent to the basic switch) so doesn't cover all the other sonoff devices so not as widely known or new or useful? If there any reason not to buy this over the wifi version whne using a hubitat? I assume there are no drivers for this device or perhaps falls under a generic device?


If it functions as a repeater for Aqara sensors, it would be the cheapest Aqara repeater on the market.

Most likely we won't know until someone identifies the Zigbee radio in it and/or does a command sniff. However, I'm willing to bet that it will work on HE using the Generic Zigbee Switch driver.

This should work with the generic zigbee switch. repeater?, that's unknown...


FYI, Here is a tear down.

Anyone ever get one to try it out?

I order mine last week and will let you know.
On the HA form there are people who have it repeating to Xiaomi devices which could be of interest.

I have one and it's working fine with the generic zigbee switch driver. Not sure about the routing aspect.

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Help me out here what is everyone using these things for?