iHome Switch Support (Note not Homekit)

Please add iHome smart plug support. I have several of these including an outdoor one for lights under my gazebo.

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I'll toss out another request. I have a few of these laying around the house.


I'm feeling like a broken record. The cloud connected devices can be supported by IFTTT and Google Assistant Relay. No you don't need to buy a Google Home or use one. :grinning:

I have two of these and they work fine using a virtual switch and IFTTT.....a little delayed response, but still works, I had no option previously to integrate these into Vera as they don't support them OR IFTTT, so I'm happy at least having them accessible with my home hub and not ONLY being able to use their proprietary app.

It would be nice if an actual driver made, just to be able to have energy monitoring with it, but I usually only use these two for non higher energy controls anyway.


I'd love to see a way to control my ihome smart plugs from Hubitat! I'll add in another request for that feature.


This is not for the faint of heart but its working for me currently. I hope for pull requests... I only have one ihome device and don't plan to put too much more into this right now but given the interest I figured I'd share. Thanks to scott stevenson for his doc getting me off the ground with iHome's "API". Though it appears I can't link there in this forum.

Note that this 'API' appears completely unsupported so YMMV

I also can't post any links soooo... (maybe someone can followup with the actual link?)
Go to Github look under the user krbaker for the hubitat-ihome repository :man_facepalming:

This please.

Here's the GIT link mentioned, but it's not working for me. Trying the IFTTT route :frowning:


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Wait - when did you switch from Wink to Hubitat?! Does this mean the end of winkathome?

In any event, welcome!!

Haha. I am currently switching, but have some stuff that I have not yet found an HE solution for, so probably running both until Will.I.Aint kills it.

Either way, sadly, Wink@Home is probably going to be shuttered soon. It was a fun project that i used to occupy a rather boring moment in my life. I haven't touched the thing in 4 years. It's just been running along, doing its thing.

The costs associated with it were always offset by the amazon links in the wiki, but for the past year or so, it's dwindled to single digits, so now it's just an out of pocket expense. It's hard to justify paying that expense when I no longer use or have faith in the product.

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Well - once again welcome!

You contributed more to the Wink community than anyone else (WinkAtHome and WinkAtHome wiki), not to mention your active participation on platforms like Google+.

I'm sure you'll get all your stuff integrated into Hubitat real soon. Or find suitable alternatives from others over here.

Welcome to the Hubitat Community!

Have you posted what you're looking to substitute anywhere? Lots of knowledge and creative ideas here. Just have to post and you're almost certain to either find a solution, or information that will set you on the right path toward a solution for your need.

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Thanks! This is certainty a robust and welcoming community! It's great to see.

Also great to see the owners interacting so readily in the forums.

I'm still in the process of transitioning from Wink to HE, so not yet sure of the casualties.
So far, most of what I've looked for has had a replacement driver here. I'll be sure to ask when it comes to that point.

The problem is I keep going down these rabbit holes of new things I can do (starting my car through HE. Love it!)


I used this with my iHome ISP100 outdoor plug and works perfectly. Thank you!

I tried this and it finds my device and shows it but it doesn't respond to on/off commands

Also would like to see support for iHome, isp6x outlets and iss50 multi-sensor.

Doesn't using IFTTT completely and totally defeat the purpose and huge benefit of having LOCAL home control/automation??? The reason I chose Hubitat was to get AWAY from cloud dependency. So I too would appreciate it very much if Hubitat could talk directly to my iHome devices.

Only local devices can be local. So if you want to sit and wait for someone to come up with a local driver for a really unpopular device, of course that's an option. You will be waiting a very long time I suspect.

Otherwise, if you use a cloud connector like IFTTT or Google Assistant Relay, you can start using and enjoying your cloud connected devices with Hubitat today. That is the entire reason for their existence. But since you see the great benefit in going local, then a Zigbee or Z-Wave device is a more appropriate choice.

I appreciate the info, truly. I was just throwing in another person wishing for support of the device that I already own and would like to continue using. Obviously if I had a bigger wallet I could just buy a bunch of stuff already specifically-supported by Hubitat. The current quest is to use my currently owned hardware with Hubitat, so I ended up in this thread, where multiple people were showing that they too wished for local support of this local device on our local Hubitat hub.

Just skimming through the thread, it's maybe 12 people over a two year period. That's just not enough to make the limited development resources at a small company like Hubitat available for a fairly complicated task. Especially if there's no local API available. From experience, devices like this are almost always going to come from a community effort by either someone that knows how to develop drivers and just happens to own one (and feels like putting in the large effort), or they're very popular and extremely useful and reliable devices, so the demand is very high.

iHome has been around a long time, but I have always noticed them on sale and typically still sitting on the shelf while everything else around them was gone. They just don't seem to have caught on very well. I'm not certain a plug that just turns on/off and doesn't offer anything else unique is going to catch much attention. There are just too many that do the same. There's a new Zigbee outlet from Sonoff that will work with the Generic Zigbee Switch driver on Hubitat. It's $17.99 on Amazon or $12.99 direct from Itead. If you don't care about the size, there's the IKEA Trådfri outlet for just $10.

However, if your iHome Outlet is iSP6X and you are an iOS user and own an Apple TV 4 or later, then you can setup Homebridge and control the outlet locally via HomeKit. Easiest way to setup Homebridge is Hoobs. Then you create a virtual switch in HE and expose that to HomeKit via Homebridge. In the Apple Home app, you create a HomeKit Automation so when the virtual switch turns on, the iHome outlet turns on, and a second automation so that when the Hubitat virtual switch turns off, the iHome outlet turns off with it. Most of the sensors in my home are Xiaomi Zigbee sensors that run on Homebridge via a HomeKit connected Xiaom Aqara gateway and HomeKit automations. Works perfectly and is all local. I also have two iDevices products that are only Alexa, Google or HomeKit compatible, so a very similar situation to the iHome outlet. They are connected via HomeKit/Homebridge and that works great for an all local control of them.

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This worked perfectly. THANKS!!!