Sonoff Zigbee ZBR3 Switches

Very new to Smart Home, sorry.
I am trying to replace some Sonoff WiFi switches with their Zigbee equivalents.
They are adopted and I have used the "Nue Zigbee switch" setting.
If I try to switch either of them, I get the "Sending" message, but nothing happens, i.e. they do not switch. They do show switch status i.e. "Off".
Any help much appreciated

I had better luck with the Generic ZigBee Switch driver on my Sonoff's. Make sure to hit the configure button after changing the driver.

The nue drivers really are tailored to the nue devices, device state reporting will not work correctly when used with typical zigbee devices.

See this thread, especially the last few days worth of posts...


I should clarify that when I introduced the first ZBR3, replacing a Sonoff Basic WiFi that was only controlled through Alexa, it worked for a week or so and then failed. I am sure that it registered as a Nue Switch. I, therefore, replaced this one with the 2nd one that I had and now can't get either to switch from HE although they show switch status if I do it manually.
"If there any reason not to buy this over the wifi version whne using a hubitat?"
My reasons for preferring the Sonoff Zigbee switches:
1 -This was a better approach than putting Tasmota on existing WiFi Sonoff switches.
2 - Zigbee would improve mesh coverage particularly for most distant device. which is on roof mounted solar panel immersion heater.
Since my first enquiry I have tried a host of alternative settings with no solution, so would much appreciate advise from those more experienced than I am (that doesn't take much!!!)

The driver @at9 whipped up, down the bottom of the thread @ogiewon linked, should sort you out.
I just updated the driver for my ZBR3’s and they’re now acting as expected and reporting their state correctly.
Note: these devices are NOT strong powerful repeaters. The Ikea Tradfri’ are stronger !


OK. In trying to do this, I have finished up with 2 of the same device which are not functional and if I try to delete them I get "Error 500" and they will not delete.
If I try to pair again, I get a 3rd the same.
How can I delete these two and start again, please?

First download all your hub backups. Then make a new backup as well. Then try a reboot and see if you can delete the devices, if that doesn't work, try a soft reset and restore the latest backup and try to delete the devices. The Error 500 is most likely a DB corruption issue.

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Thanks Markus.
Yesterday's Backup restored and I then used the driver recommended and now both switches are functioning locally.
The test will come when I install both hub and switches where I need them. Hub was at ground floor; some switches will be at 1st floor and one on roof mounted solar panel for immersion heater.
In view of comment from njanda (thanks) I will look at Ikea Tradfri as an alternative and assume that there is a driver for these also. Thanks again!

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Yes, there is a built-in driver for that device specifically.

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Sorry to be a pain!
The two Zigbee switches don't show up in the Amazon Echo Skill App. Am I missing some setting somewhere?

@davidastor You need to add either

capability "Outlet"


capability "Light"

to the driver depending on how you want it exposed. Just add it under the other capabilities


Another thing to consider is the strength of your Mesh at these remote points. E.g when you place your device on the solar heater will it have just a single route back to the hub or will it truly be part of a mesh ?
Especially for outdoor stuff, environmental factors change transmission & reception distances. Rain & Heat especially.
I’d suggest you visualize a minimum of 2 routes back to your HE hub.
I’ve stripped out a couple of ZBR3’s, and put them inside outside power points so they’re just tapping off the power and just act as repeaters. I did not want them controlling the power points but that could also have been done. image

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OK, thanks - got it.
In view of my experience so far, I am wondering if I am on the right track, i.e. is it preferable to replace WiFi switches; outlets etc. wth Zigbee, or should I persist with installing Tasmota on existing devices? (Some of these devices are harder to deal with than others).

I say this is up to how much you want to learn and deal with these things, I find it fun and that is why I do it. It could also be a matter of cost, many of these wifi devices cost very little and work very well.
In my opinion, if you have the interest, convert to and use Tasmota, it is a very well functioning set of firmware and drivers. If not, try something else. Zigbee is not always that easy to get right either, but the parts which are hard are different.

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Another frustrating day! After moving the hub to a central location and 2 switches out of my office, I am having little luck in pairing them again. The maximum range seems to be around 3m and that is without walls & floors. I am beginning to think this is a big waste of time and Tasmota might be the better way to go.

Sorry, I’m not sure what is causing the distance issue your experiencing as my test ZBR3 is at least 10m from my hub, at gnd floor, at the front of my house with the hub centrally located on the 1st floor. House is a mix of old brick and timber frame.
Have you updated to the latest build on your HE hub, v ??
This restored correct pairing of Zigbee devices and may help.

1 thing that WiFi based devices (Tasmota and such) do have over Zigbee & Zwave devices is that they seem to install and operate immediately whereas Zigbee and Zwave Devices require hours to settle.
The Z mesh’s take time to detect and register the pathways to and from the hub.
Many a time I’ve had to “trust or hope” that things would work better after a few days and in most cases they have, but not always.
Luckily my family situation are accepting of this and put up with my “experiments”.
WiFi brings different requirements though.

Hi njanda and thanks for your comments. The house is is brick with concrete floors. on two levels, but my hope was to use a Zigbee switch to control a water immersion heater on the roof terrace.
I had paired two switches with the hub in my office on the ground floor and so anticipated that moving the hub to the 1st floor lounge and a switch to the roof terrace, almost above the hub, would work,but no pairing was possible
I was able to easily pair this switch in the same room as the hub about 3m away.
No 1 switch now on the roof terrace and No 2 switch in lounge and No 2 pairs but No 1 doesn't.
Perhaps I am not giving enough time, but it seems that you might need many more Zigbee devices to achieve success rather than my two that I am experimenting with as per your power point mounted example.
However, I will have another attempt and try to be more patient!

Getting Zigbee signals to the outside of my house was tricky because the walls are foil wrapped for insulation and the windows are thermally reflective and these all block radio waves.
I struggled with this until I remembered that even FM/AM radios do not pick up radio stations very well unless and external antenna is used.
With the back doors open - things worked. Shut up the house at night and things stopped :frowning:
So I now have an Aoetec Smart Switch 6 plugged in and operating IN the laundry (approx. 10m from HE hub) and that connects to the ZBR3 that is mounted in the power point just on the outside wall of the laundry (approx. 3m from the SmartSwitch6). Then it's at least 12m to the wooden garden shed where another ZBR3 and iris motion sensor controls the lights.
Good luck.