Server is unresponsive - Alexa App

I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with the latest Alexa App on IOS (2.2.235542.0) that randomly shows my Hubitat devices with the message "Server is unresponsive". When the message comes up you can not see the current state of the device. The devices still respond to voice commands.

Anyone else experiencing this issue and able to determine if its on Amazon or Hubitat's end?

Thanks, Glenn

I get exactly the same so have stopped looking at it. I believe it’s an app issue as my HE and devices are fine.

I am having the same issue.

Concur - same issue here with firmware on my Hub.

I've tried the usual fixes (completely remove the app from the Hubitat side, unlink the skill in Alexa, drop devices, and then rediscover things), but haven't had any luck. :frowning:

OMG! I just fixed my issue. I changed the device driver from Generic Z-wave smart Dimmer to Generic Z-Wave Dimmer and it fixed my issue.

Even thought according to the release notes my Leviton Switch should be using the smart dimmer. It had been using that for a while so something must have changed on the driver.

I found this because I noticed the recently my switches weren't updating state on Sharp Tools, so I went into my devices and sure enough, they were showing off in HE but the they were on. Just at a dimmed level.

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The smart driver is for Zwave Plus switches where instant status is being sent. You may have issues with this change. Tagging @mike.maxwell for his input.

My switches are zwave plus.

Google (and Leviton) says that model is ZWave Plus. At least today, buying that model gets you a ZWave Plus. No info on if they are reusing that model number.

The Boxes even say Z-Wave Plus.

Well that is craptastic. I assume I will have to unpair all of my switches to upgrade them because I need to attach them to the other zwave stick.

I also don't have a Windows machine.

Never mind:

No - just follow the instructions to add the z-wave stick as a secondary controller.

I don't know if there are non windows versions - maybe depending on the stick you use.

This home automation addiction is dangerous...:wink:

Heres the homeseer link:

From March 2018:

Switching to Generic Z-wave Dimmer fixed my issues too, as I realized my switches (Eaton Cooper) aren't Z-wave plus.

However, there is a strangeness with some Aeotec multi-color LED products. I have both the Multi-color LED Bulb 6 and the Multi-color LED strip lights. Both were previously using the Hank RGBW driver (because @mike.maxwell hadn't released the Aeotec-specific driver yet), but I changed them all to use the Aetoc driver concurrent with its release.

What I've found is that I had to switch the LED strip lights back to the Hank RGBW driver for Alexa to be able to get status when turning on/off.

I figured I'd have to do the same for the multi-color bulb as well (which was having the same issue). Well, when I switch the bulbs back to the Hank driver, they get status the first time I turn them on or off, but then subsequent times they turn off/on, but Alexa gives the 'not responding' message. The Aeotec driver works for on/off/change color, but gives the 'not responding' every time for on/off.

There is definitely something strange going on with these particular bulbs and their driver.

I'm getting the same intermittent "Server is unresponsive" with my Hue items that are connected directly to Alexa so the issue doesn't appear to be related just to Hubitat.

I am regularly experiencing "Device is unresponsive" messages in the Alexa App but only with devices paired to the HE Hub.

Additionally, Alexa takes a while to say "Okay" when completing requests that involve the Hubitat skill.

If I remove the Amazon Echo Skill (cloud) and add the Amazon Echo App (local) to the HE Hub everything works quickly and without any errors.