Rule Machine 4 Ui is a disaster

Love the hubitat - lutron integration but for christ‘s sake take some queues from webcore or stringify Ui paradigms. Rule machine is just a click disaster.


I'm a longtime HA enthusiast but newer HE user, and while I love these hubs (I have three), I agree on your Rule Machine comments. That thing is a hot mess! I eventually figure things out, but good night it could be sooooo much better.


I'm just here for the flames. I have popcorn & beer, let's go


Yeah it really sucks.

I think people made their point clear about this probably 132 posts ago, you can dig up the older posts via the search.

This very same comment has been said over and over again, and even the app's author essentially agrees with you that improvements are needed. Hubitat is well aware of it, and have given rationale in the past as to why it is this way and what it would take to make this change happen.


I think the unofficial response from previous convos is that there are limitations to what they can do in groovy and it needs a while UI, which isn't on the immediate road map and that anyone is free to tackle the issue as a user


Well, I look forward to seeing your app to replace RM that a has a super awesome UI.

If you aren't doing that, then maybe you shouldn't be so disrespectful and dismissive of others' hard work, and try to use wording and phrasing that is constructive. Or if you can't do that either, then maybe just keep quiet?


If we are being critical of others work, it's "cues" (To model one's actions based on the example or influence of someone or something else) not "queues" (a line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed)


Takes a little adjusting but gets the job done, fine as is with me


well as a coder, the interface is pretty much what it needs to be to cut down on allowing you to enter illegal code.. The only alternative would be a full text parser and allowing you to enter the code directly which would be very complex and probably beyond the horsepower of the hub.. If you don't like it try webcore and see if you like that better..


I must admit it can appear to be a bit 'unwieldy' at times but once you get your head round where things are in the options etc. I don't find it that much of a 'Click Disaster'.


Only had my HE for couple of weeks. RM had a bit of a learning curve for me and I initially overcomplicated my rules. I think doing this allowed me get very familiar with the UI. Now I have no problems with it at all. It is the only app I use for all my lighting, motion and button rules. All work really well and is very fast. Don't want a change and have to learn it all over. Perfect as it is, for me. I love it.


It took some getting used to but actually find it quite methodical now.


You could always use webCoRE as your automation engine. Thanks to @nh.schottfam's hard work, webCoRE runs on Hubitat.

And, while Stringify is no more, @fblackburn has created a set of Hubitat nodes for Node-RED. There are several long threads on the Hubitat community describing automation sequences for Node-RED, including contributions from a few people who have responded to your post.


You should consider trying out [RELEASE] Event Engine - Automate your world with easy to use Cogs. Rev up complex automations with just a few clicks!

Might be your cup of tea!


I don't mean any disrespect, but we're paying customers. If RM was something we were given for free then I'd agree with you. However, that's not the case. We paid for it (and remember, RM is one of the big things HE advertises so many paid specifically for this feature!). So yeah, people should very much feel allowed to voice their frustration and I don't think they have to make sure their wording doesn't offend anyone. That is, in my opinion, our rights as paying customers -- the right to voice when we're dissatisfied with a product.

Personally, I don't use RM at all because I found it too slow and clunky. I had rules "break" (give errors and not load) too often and it just wasn't efficient for me. At first it seemed cool, but after a while, I realized it doesn't meet my needs.


Although @dman2306 has a point the newer users don't know that RM today is a HUUUGE improvement over what it was previously.

For example in the past if you removed a device you'd get left with a phantom condition that you couldn't get rid off and had to redo the entire rule (it didn't affect operation but was just a visual stump).

Sure it could be better UI wise but I'm actually fine with how it works currently.


No question, it's way better than it was a year ago. Like some others mentioned though, they're now hitting a wall with what the UI framework allows. Looking at HE, I think it's fair to say, they don't have a UI/UX expert and as a developer, I can say terrific developers often make horrible UI/UX decisions!

Also fortunately for many of us @fblackburn's node-red nodes have been (dare I say it) a godsend to opening up an alternative programming route for us average users. So far my more complex programming is done via NR.


Yeah, wouldn't recommend this hub for anyone with custom rules that isnt a DIY with some basic code knowledge. But it suits my needs, at least 75% of needs which is better than the alternatives.