Ring alarm arm status and inovelli red series colors

We use a ring alarm, which I would like to send color updates to my inovelli red series switch. For example green disarmed, yellow home, red away. I am not looking to change status through the switch, just visibly show the status.

Has anyone been able to perform this type of integration? I know the ring alarm integration has been in question.

Mine is setup to show status of our door locks, not the alarm. But I have a Ring Alarm connected through the unofficial integration. What’s your question?

I get the alarm status by using the unofficial Ring Connect Integration:

And set the Inovelli LED notification colors via the Switch Dashboard:

Both are available using the Hubitat Package Manager.

It works great!

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As my kids set off the alarm today, this has moved to the top of the list. Thanks!

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@Sebastien - are you using the IFTTT integration for this? I was slowly moving away from using IFTTT due to their new business model.

No IFTTT required for the integration, unless you want to detect motion from your cameras (which I am not doing).

I believe i need to capture the 'Set Mode' status to the Ring Alarm. Within the App for Devices, I've included the Ring Alarm Base Station, and in HE Devices I have the Ring Virtual Alarm Hub identified. Within the dashboard, i don't see this device Name/type in the dropdown to configure this. Am I missing something?

Can you add screenshots?

So, i've had months of hub issues finally cleared up. That has allowed me to continue on this journey.

  1. Am I trying to align to the device 'Ring Virtual Alarm Hub'?

  2. Within the Switch Dashboard, which Sensor Type do I select?


Can you elaborate on this? I’m not understanding the question…

How I got this to work: I have a switch that turns on when the alarm is activated, off when deactivated.

Did you set a virtual switch on the alarm mode? Sorry for the multiple questions. I've set up virtual devices in the past, but more linked into the simple automation app.

I set it up via a RM rule:

I added a wait because I was finding that something in the arming command was creating some Z-Wave interference.

Ahh, That's my issue. I never integrated my 'alarm' functionality with HPM, only included my ring devices. I thought since I had visability of my ring virtual control hub device I was all good. I'll work on this hpm connection to create the alarm status/mode integration with my devices.

As a side benefit with this hpm/ring alarm connection, my wife prefers to have the motion sensors armed in away mode when we are home in bed at night. The basement with walk out access gets her a little nervous . This HPM integration may allow some different motion sensors actions in the basement, while using the home mode on the ring alarm.


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Did you ever figure this out? I want to send a text when the Ring Alarm mode is Disarmed after 10pm, however in RM when I try to create a rule based on Mode as the sensor type is defaults to the HSM modes. What sensor type do I pick as the trigger for the Rule?

Starting this up again. I now have (2) Red Series switches I'd like to push Ring Alarm status to.

I Setup the device and created a child device

Set the LED 1 setting to create the child.

Browsing through the [WITHDRAWN] Unofficial Ring Integration - #125 by codahq to see this more, or here: [Re-release] Hubitat Ring Integration (Unofficial) - #995 by spartysh32
Lots of posts.

Where does HSM pull in Ring Alarm Status?
EDIT: NM - Saw it here. Ring to mirror HSM - #8 by Sebastien

Getting close.

When i run manually run actions on the RM rule it's changing the inovelli leds.

When i put my ring alarm into armed status (away or home), what is the last step to send that to automatically activate the rule? Triggering my alarm change in the ring app is not activating the LED's yet.

You have two options:

  1. Synch your HSM to Ring:

  1. Add Ring as one of the triggers:

Yep using option 1.

Do I still need to use that switch dashboard app?

Up to you, but it looks like the rule will do the same thing, so you should be good without it.

This has been a goal for a year+, so close to getting this one closed.

So, i can manually arm my alarm through the ring virtual hub in HE, i can manually turn on my different notification types (armed home is yellow, armed away is red) on the inovelli red child devices in HE. problem is when the Ring Alarm is armed, not automatically running the RM rules.

Sync is enabled on the virtual hub.

RM - armed away

RM - armed home