[RELEASE] Linptech/Moes 24Ghz Presence Sensor ES1 ( TS0225 _TZ3218_awarhusb ) drivers

A few observations on my end.

If I reset my M1 hub, reattach it to the cloud and then pair it to ES1 white label or Linptech it immediate wants to update the firmware to 1.0.6. Then I can turn off the LED.
This LED setting is kept only if I do a software "Disconnect" in the SmartLife app. If I hold down the pairing button to do a factory reset, the LED defaults back to on. The "Disconnect" option in SmartLife puts the device back into pairing mode but doesn't to seem to clear the LED configuration. Which is what we want. Using this method, I am turning off the LED and then transferring the ES1 devices back to Habitat by performing a pairing operation.


This is super-useful, thanks!

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Weird log entry randomly popped up on one of my Linptech sensors using the 1.70 version of the 4-in-1 driver.

I'm definitely running HE version higher than 2.2.7... No idea what prompted the device to spit out this log entry.

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Maybe faster/better results if you post this question in Kkossev's topic for the 4-in-1 driver, where Q&A on that driver is being handled?

Its the same driver as the one posted at the top of this thread and since this is a thread specifically for this sensor, I figured this was the more appropriate place.


Yeah, I was wondering a little about that, but I think most users of the 4-in-one are hanging out there and it might be general issue w/the driver. :man_shrugging:


Thank you for reporting this!
The error text message is definitely wrong (it was actual 2 years ago), It is caused by an exception thrown from Hubitat method zigbee.parseZoneStatusChange(), and we must find the reason for it. Most probably there is something wrong in the data received from the sensor. I will add some extra logging in the next version, hopefully this will help me to find the core reason.

How often do you see this error message? (it is logged unconditionally, even when Info and Debig logs are switched off)


I've only ever seen it once, today. It has never popped up before,at least not that I've ever seen in logs until today.

I am on the most recent beta firmware but besides that nothing has changed in recent history.

WARNING - Make sure you buy the right device version!

There is a MI / Mijia / Xiaomi version that is Bluetooth only. ES1ZB (MI). That one doesn't work obviously.
Make sure you buy the right one...
there is also a ES1ZW. That’s the wifi version. You don’t want that either.

This is the wrong one:

You want the ES1ZZ(TY).

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Seems to be working okay for me - a bit disappointed in the distance to be honest, I guess I was expecting further based on experiences with PIRs, and some reviews of the Aquara version seemed to indicate it could easily cover a large room. Likely just my mistake not researching more before buying. Definitely needs to be lower than expected to catch me laying down on the couch.

Unrelated but what are you all doing for mounting? I shot my shot with the double sided tape - need something to replace it now that I need to move it. Any suggestions? Pretty useless "stand" in my opinion - no way to just sit it on a shelf unless you sticky it down (I guess being corded that's more important). Seems strong enough to hold by itself on metal corner bead, but that's just not where I need it.

Like most things hanging on my walls, I used a 3M Command Strip -- for sensors, I use the 2-piece velcro version for easy on/off for battery swaps. That's not applicable for the Linptechs, but I happened to have more of that version handy at the time, so that's what got used.

Interesting, I assume you mean the picture hanging strips, and you cut down to size? Do you leave the pull tabs in place?

Yep, those are it. I keep an assortment of sizes in stock - the small ones are especially good for sensors, because you can trim them so that the tab can stay on the wall one for easy/clean future removal, but you can still hide its tab behind the sensor so it's not poking out into view. In other words, no need to use the entire "height" of the sensor for the strip - a little goes a long way with these things.

On plastic sensors, they peel off easily enough, so I usually trim the tab off the one I use there.

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I regularly stop by Hydro's house to grab a few. Just ring the doorbell and slip in the back door while he's busy at the front door. :wink:

I've used the similar stuff w/mine to mount two on walls...I have so much two-sided sticky stuff after years w/HA that I will never run out. :slight_smile:

Another is sitting on a shelf on the mount w/it opened up to hold the sensor vertical, and last one is on the floor behind a chair in my wife's closet. They don't move, are quite stable.

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Similar situation here. The one in my master bath I 3D printed a mount for at the angle I like (which seems to work best) with magnets pressed into the plastic. This way I can remove the sensor easily for cleaning or maintenance, but it doesn't change angle if it gets bumped or removed. The 3D printed piece is command stripped to the light fixture, closest to the corner of the room.

That reminds me, I have another sensor still in the box I need to play with! I think this one is going on top of the kitchen cabinets to replace the PIR sensor down there, which has oddly been acting up lately. Probably because it knows it's on the list of getting upgraded!

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Want to share the Mount design? My printer is currently in the garage, need to do some work to get a space for it in the house, but might be interested to try your mount in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Got a 3D printable topic here...


Yeah I can dump it on Printables to share. I'll update when it is posted.

EDIT: File has been uploaded: https://www.printables.com/model/766959-limptech-mmwave-angled-sensor-mount


So I just ordered two of these linptechs from Ali ... while I wait, a couple of questions. I am confused as to which of the two drivers to use - the 4 in 1 tuya or the Linptech driver (I am GUESSING this one). Also, anything special involved in setting these up? Just add as a zigbee device with this driver - make some setting tweaks and go?

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Go with the Linptech dedicated driver - it is lighter and simpler to use.


One thing you may run into is the device sensing motion on its back side, the sensor is omnidirectional and isn't just focused forward from the device.

So in a couple cases I had to put a thin piece of metal behind the sensor to keep it from sensing motion in the room on the other side of the wall.