[RELEASE] IRIS v1 KeyPad Driver

OK this is my iris v1 keypad I wrote. Got tired of waiting for and need to use my keypads.

I will be working on this more as time goes by but its working now. So if you have a Iris v1 keypad I would like you to try this and see if it works on yours.
tested on this firmware

  • firmware: 2013-06-28
  • firmware: 2012-12-11
  • firmware: 2012-06-08

v5.7 06/28/2022 Minor changes to stop the runaway countdown if disarmed on entry by another keypad or the app. As well as better logs

A was able to get the arming sounds and lights working thanks to @martyn It was just a formatting problem on how to send zigbee commands.

12 different chimes. Chime 10 is the old Iris Door Chime. Found undocumented ones also.

The Siren tone is set in options ( lots of them)
Strobe does Iris PANIC with flash
Both does the Strobe function.

4-15 Digit Pins more than any other keyboard or lock I know of.

Be sure you enable the keypad in HSM because the earlier versions worked without this.

Im assuming that only 2 Firmware versions are out there and I have both of them.

If you have any problems with the lock code manager. Its easy to crash it. Don't panic and try to reinstall it like I did. Erase all your codes from the keypad and try it again. Lock code manager has no error detection.

Still to be done:
Lock code pin needs to be rewritten to hold more pins and store them like the v2 driver does.
I have started this but the entire pin storage needs to be rewritten

  • SLMR * Have fun. And many nice days.



Mine is using firmware: 2013-06-28 and I can't seem to get the keypad functions to work but I was able to set this up with Button Controller 5.1 and so now I have a 16 button controller.

Thanks for reviving this dead device!

EDIT: Apparently I was using the first version of the driver. After updating to v2.1 the keypad function does work. Thanks again!

I have two of these and this is awesome. It will probably be this weekend before I can give it a try, I would also like to say thanks.

Thanks again for the additional functionality you’ve added in the last few days!

I've got a few of these available for sale if anyone has an interest. Both used and brand new sealed in the clamshell.

Got it working. Thanks, so much.

I Have added some customize options to make it better so you can pick what on and part do. and I've changed some things that were not working. The lock manager can store and delete codes and monitor status. I cant get people here to stop pressing OFF after the pin so I have added a option to ignore the OFF. The keypad buttons are mapped to buttons if you press them once so you have 10 buttons you can use for lights and such.


I'm really excited to see this keypad get some love! I paired up a keypad without issue. I don't see any way to make it beep or chime. I can't recall how many sounds are built into it, but I know it has a door chime beep.

I have a couple Iris keypads, no idea what version they are. What does the v1 look like? This one?

That's a v2. The v1 looks like this:

Screen Shot 2021-10-02 at 8.29.56 PM


Jealous, it kinda looks cooler than mine. :slightly_smiling_face:

So I got one of my keypads paired and played with it a bit. It has the 2013-06-28 firmware.

I could not get the lock code manager to complete a job of adding a code to the keypad, although it appeared to be added according to the device page. I finally gave up on that and then added a code manually.

I could enter the code and the device logs showed a message disarmed by the code name. If I entered a random uninstalled code it would say something to the effect of invalid pin hacked.

I then tried to set up a rule to do something based on the code, but my rule would never trigger. I could trigger on a single button press but not on a keypad entry. I tried various custom attributes and the Keypad code entered, see below. Nothing would trigger the rule. I have the 2.6 version of the driver installed. What am I missing?

I could be wrong, but I don't think you can trigger a rule based on a code. You can only map buttons to do specific actions.

If you read through the driver code you'll see where it defines the keypad button matrix. It states that if a key is pressed once it acts like a button not a PIN. Each key can be mapped to a button you can use in a routine. I would suggest using button controller to map the buttons.

You can do some pretty creative stuff with the button controller app.

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Just updated to the latest version, no notice above that it had been updated, it's currently at version 2.8. Getting this in HPM would be nice.

The new version caused a constant log message
Received HSM null INVALID Unable to decode. Our state:off

This was due to me not having HSM installed on my shop Hub. Still can't get it to load a lock code in lock code manger. The notes says it works, but I can't get it to. I see in the code that getcodes doesn't seem to have any groovy code in it other than a log message, and the comment says unsupported error matrix. I guess if lock code manger can't pull back the code it never can complete the job. I can see the setcode command being sent, and it shows on the keypad, but the lock code manger job always fails.

I really just wanted to use one of these as a keypad to unlock a door. I have a Kwikset kit on my front door, and it has no keypad. It's a double door with glass inserts and I couldn't find a lock with a keypad that would fit in the small wood space in front without having to cut out some of the trim molding and I didn't want to do that. So the kwikset just sits on the deadbolt on the back side. So I have to get out my phone whenever I come through the front door to lock or unlock. So I hoped maybe I could mount one of these on the front porch and use pin codes to lock and unlock the door.

Version 3.0 was released today and now works with lock code manager. It also works to unlock a lock, but it still seems a bit buggy. The rule below works, but only if the system is armed. If it isn't you have to enter your code twice. The first time you have to enter your code and press on which will arm the system and then enter your code and press off. This will disarm the system and unlock the door.

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 7.51.11 PM

Just updated the driver, I will play with it this weekend.

Doesn't work for me, I don't use HSM so I assume that is why it won't trigger. Nothing to arm or disarm. The keypad sees the pins and it did work with lock code manager this time. The pins appear on the device page but entering a valid pin does not initiate a trigger event.

Currently the only way I've been able to get this to work is by enabling HSM.

I was able to go to the link in message #1, copy the full text of the driver and install it on my C7 hub on platform and so far most of the features ae working. One thing I've run into is when I arm the keypad with my code + ON, 10 seconds later it disarms itself. Anyone have any ideas why?

Lock code manager is working fine.

I appreciate all the effort put into getting these old keypads working. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Have you got the require valid pin to arm option enabled?

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 8.28.48 PM

All the credit for getting this to work goes to @iris.

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