[RELEASE] GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Switch Driver

GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Switch Driver
I got tired of the generic built-in driver missing features that are on the GE/Jasco switches. This was derived from the ST device handler, but mostly re-written at this point as there were a number of problems with the one I started with.

NOTE 1: This is for the toggle/paddle GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Switches only. It will not work with the non Z-Wave Plus models (12xxx), it will not work with any dimmer model, and it will not work with the Motion Switch (26931).

It has been tested with a GE 14291 switch. It should also work with the Jasco and Honeywell branded models.

NOTE 2: The driver has not been tested on any newer firmware levels that use CRC16 for the message encoding. If you see CRC16 messages in the log when using this driver, that means you have one of those devices. I'll be happy to try and improve the driver to support those, but as I do not have any of that firmware revision, it may be slow going.


  • ON/OFF
  • Support for the hardware Double Tap Up and Double Tap Down functions implemented. You can now use the switch like a scene controller / use the second function. The double taps should show up as doubletap button pushes.
    • So in RM, for instance, you would select the "button" capability, and and you would use the "doubleTapped" event (not pushed).
  • Exposed All association groups, and are adjustable. (note: I spent the least amount of time testing this, so there may be bugs. But quick tests worked)
  • All ON/OFF and double taps create a State Change event
  • Configuration of LED indicator (on when on, on when off, always off)
  • Configuration of button inversion variable.


  • none


  1. Install Driver code in Hubitat
  2. Apply to a GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus switch device. Click save.
  3. Edit preferences, save preferences.
  4. Click Configure command button

Driver can be found on my GitHub

  • 1.3.0 (01/29/2019) - Ported to Hubitat by Jason Bottjen. Removed ST specifics, removed Polling and Health Check capabilities.
  • 1.4.0 (01/29/2019) - Changed doubletap events to type doubleTapped
  • 1.5.0 (01/29/2019) - Added control of indicator light
  • 1.6.0 (01/31/2019) - Redid CRC16 section based on Hubitat example to try and fix CRC16 errors
  • 1.7.0 (02/26/2019) - Synchronized with dimmer driver. Moved some commands to preferences. Removed doubletap command buttons (but not doubletap events). Removed indicator capability.
  • 1.8.0 (02/28/2019) - Modified preference code, removed unneeded ParamToInt function, improved wording in configuration report
  • 1.9.0 (03/03/2019) - Update to fix some CRC16 encapsulation issues
  • 1.9.1 (03/03/2019) - Update to fix some CRC16 encapsulation issues. Added command class version map.
  • 1.9.2 (03/03/2019) - Cleaned up some errant warning messages that should have been debug.
  • 2.0.0 (03/03/2019) - Added descriptionText logging
  • 2.0.1 (03/18/2019) - Fixed issue with parameters not saving correctly / not updating on device

Hi there,
Brand new to Hubitat... This is in fact my first post.
I have 2 rooms with GE smart switches. At this point, those are the extent of my smart home world. I am easing myself into this so I can learn as I go, while not being overwhelmed.

Your post caught my eye because I was under the impression that GE smart switches, specifically the ones I have which are the 14294 variants, do not have double tap capabilities.

Does your driver actually add that capability to these particular switches?

I am a bit overwhelmed right now, as I have yet to figure out how I am actually going to start using Hubitat, but this seems like as good a place as any to begin, if in fact YOUR driver will allow my switches to take advantage of double tap functionality when manually controlling the switches...

Our entire house is on an old Leviton system, and all of the dimmers were double tap for full, or single tap to bring up the lights to the last saved/set value.


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The functions are very model and firmware level dependent, unfortunately. So it is very important to refer to model numbers (like you did).

Most all of the 14291 switches and 14294 dimmers made since 2016 support double tap in hardware. It works great, actually!

However, the 'out of the box' drivers do not expose/support that feature, as they just use a generic driver that works on many models - so don't expose any manufacturer specific features.

The driver above will work on the 14291 switch. It will not work on the 14294 dimmer. It is on my to-do list to make a driver for the 14294, too, but haven't gotten to it yet.

Then there are the 26931/26933 motion switch/dimmers. Those use different drivers yet, but those DO NOT support double tap in hardware, and never will. They do, however, have a hard-wired (aka not battery operated) motion sensor which is awesome for my needs.

When using both a double tap capable dimmer (like the 14294) and driver with double tap enabled, you could definitely make doubletap go 100% on the dimmer, while single press goes to last dim value (the default behavior). You would just make an Rule Manager trigger in Hubitat that says when doubletap up, then level=100%. And another one that says when doubletap down, turn off switch (or whatever you do on doubletap down).

Fantastic information Jason, thank you so much.

So, as I continue down this path, I imagine it would make sense for me to purchase a couple/few of the 26933 switches because they accomplish a couple of goals. One being motion sensing/detection for occupancy, and the other being able to double tap for full brightness.

My wife is not at all light sensitive. She is comfortable in a room with the lights on full blast at all times. I on the other hand, hate full blast light. I like to cook with the lights dimmed, work with less light, and definitely do not like the living room lights on full blast when I am doing just about anything.

Having a quick look at specs on the 26933 dimmers, they would be PERFECT for our bathrooms, where my wife will turn the light on full blast, then go out in the living room, get side tracked and stay out there for an hour or more, all the while, the bathroom light is just bleaching everything in it.

I would like to not have to relegate the 2 (14294) switches I have to the ash heap if you believe your drivers are in the to-do "pile", as I really do yearn for the double tap feature after having it everywhere in the house for the last 14 years indeed, so if you do succeed with those drivers, I am genuinely interested in them.

Thanks for the tips on the 26933 switches. I am going to order up a couple of them today and put your drivers to the test.....Assuming I can follow directions and actually install them without bricking something in the process....

No... Those DO NOT have double tap capability. None of the motion GE switches/dimmers have double tap capability. If I said otherwise, I misspoke.

Doh.... Reading comprehension > Me

Adding double tap to the 14294 driver shouldn't be hard. The tedious part is adding all of the other junk a dimmer comes with - specifically digital dimmer steps/levels and physical dimmer steps/levels.

I'll take a look at it. And see if I can get one out that at least does the doubletap. That part should be the same as the 14291 switch (I think),.

So looking at the 14291, I am a bit confused because it appears (at least via the link below) that it is a simple on/off switch and not a dimmer? Am I missing something? Why would a simple on/off need a double tap feature?

Good question.

And the answer: to control OTHER things!!! You're right that with a switch a double tap really can't do anything useful on the switch itself - a switch is on or off...

But, with the double tap you could turn on lamps that are on other zwave/zigbee outlets/appliance modules across the room, turn on/off another room's lights, turn on/off all lights in the house at once, etc.etc.

The double tap can be used as a trigger for anything you want - it doesn't have to have anything to do with lights at all.

The possibilities are endless, actually.

Ah...makes perfect sense. Thank you sir!

I will closely monitor this thread for progress on the 14294 Jason and again, thank you so much for the insight!

Here you go. Should be in very good shape. I tested every button, and on/off/level setting - both from HE and the physical switch.

If you run into any issues, let me know! I've seen once ot twice where the level would update while it is dimming on/off (it isn't supposed to do that, obviously, or you lose your previous level value). I extended the delays, and that seemed to fix it - but that's something to look for.

Thank for this driver, I have now my kitchen ceiling lights switch controlling my cabinets lights!

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Thank you Jason,
Unfortunately, I am locked out of my hubitat for some reason.
I have been trying since my last post to find a way to log in, but it will not accept my username or password. Trying to reset the password returns : "The entered user does not exist,Please enter a correct User Name before attempting a Password recovery."

I emailed tech support hours ago and have yet to receive a reply.

I will dive into this once I can get in to my system.

The only other thing I tried to do was link google home through my Android phone.... From that point on, I have been locked out.


Thanks for the code. I just loaded it on my two GE dimmers and it works as expected.

One bug on line 276 of the ' GE-Jasco Z-Wave Plus Dimmer' driver. Forgot the () on the toInteger in the setLevel method.

Thanks for that! I fixed that, and made a few other improvements to the event creation in the driver. Update on Github.

Argh, that's annoying!!! Good luck getting that resolved.

And no worries on the code, I was home sick so thought I would do something useful / cross something off my to-do list. It'll be waiting for you when you get back in your hub. :smile:

@JasonJoelOld With a GE Double Tap switch can I control an extra light with the double tap? Example Main switch is set for the Kitchen ceiling light, Can I use the double tap switch to control another Light without the main light coming on? It would be very useful to be able to control two light individual on/off? Thanks

Sure can. Double tap does not affect the main switch load at all. Think of it as a standalone z-wave button controller.

So you could make an RM trigger to turn on the lamp on with double tap up, and another RM trigger to turn the lamp off off with double tap down. And it wouldn't do anything to the lights wired to the switch.

Man, I have been through a bit of a nightmare trying to get my account squared away but I am back in the game it would seem.

I am going to try and upload your driver right now and see if I can make it work.

On the off chance that I screw something up, is there an easy way to get back to zero? i.e replace the oem driver?

Luckily user drivers never replace the built-in drivers.

So if it doesn't work for you just change the device type back to the same one that was before you changed. Probably generic smart Z-Wave dimmer.