[RELEASE] Ecobee Suite, version 1.9.00

I am pleased to announce the General Availability of version 1.9.00 of my Ecobee Suite for the Hubitat platform (only).

This release is bittersweet, in that its primary content updates are to remove all of the SmartThings code from the entire Suite. This became necessary when the SmartThings platform walked away from supporting Groovy-based 3rd party SmartApps and Device Handlers at the beginning of 2023.

Ecobee Suite was originated on the SmartThings platform when I assumed responsibility for the evolution of the code that Sean Kendall Schneyer had contributed through 2016. Since 2017, I have evolved this support in numerous ways, optimizing for both SmartThings and Hubitat from within a single code-base.

Now, in 2023, it is time to trim down the code and continue optimizing only for the Hubitat platform.

For Hubitat-based users, this release will bring both enhanced performance and improved efficiency. The comprehensive list of individual changes is too large and complex to document here, but I have also updated the documentation to reflect the latest updates - see the README.md in the Ecobee Suite GitHub repository (linked below).

This release can (and should) be installed directly on top of your currently running environment. Hubitat users are advised to use the Hubitat Package Manager (HPM), as this will automate the installation of the 13 Applications and 2 device drivers. Simply install HPM, then select Ecobee Suite to install and update this Suite.

As always, the latest code can be found here:

Special Mention

  • Thanks to Sean Kendall Schneyer for graciously allowing me to base my Ecobee Suite off of his open-source contributions to the SmartThings platform
  • Thanks also to @bobbyD and then entire Hubitat team for their support in converting and maintaining compatibility with Hubitat's evolution
  • Thanks to the SmartThings and Hubitat user communities for their support and contributions, without whom I would probably not have continued to invest in this
  • And finally, a hearty Thank You to all those users of both platforms who have donated money to me in support of my efforts. I don't ask (or require) contributions, but they are much appreciated as token proof that this Suite has helped many to enhance their smart home installations.



Talk about coincidence!

I just got a new furnace installed today and it came with an Ecobee3 Lite. I've been poking around all evening trying to figure out why the built-in app seemed to come up short. Then I've been reading a bunch of posts in the thread and finally found a reference to this and here it is with a brand new release today to boot! LOL

Just installed it and am excited to see what it can do.

Thanks in advance!

One issue, with OAuth. Following the instructions, you say to open the App Code for the Ecobee Suite and click the "OAuth" button and then click "Enable OAuth"...that doesn't exist. At least not in my version, see below.

It looks like OAuth has already been enabled. If you used Hubitat Package Manager, it was enabled automatically…

Thanks, looks like I have to buy you another coffee :grinning:

First, still fairly new to HE so please bear with me.

I configured the basics last night just to see what I could get to work.

For instance, I created an "Away" Routine in the Suite Manager to change the "comfort setting" to Away when the HE mode also turned to Away. It threw an error, which I didn't snip and appears to be gone now.

However, in poking through my logs I did come across this:

I've reviewed my set up and I don't see anything obvious that I missed.

I will dig into this in the morning, but just to be sure - are you running 1.9.00?

Ecobee Suite Thermostat updated March 1, 2023 @ 7:20am EST


  • Corrects fanSpeed initialization error in Thermostat device


  • Ecobee Suite Thermostat, version 1.9.01

This release is recommended for all NEW installations of Ecobee Suite

Hmm, just realized that since I updated to 1.9.00 that I'm not getting updated information for many of the items on my thermostat. I've been logging the temperature, humidity, fan state, and some other items.
It looks like the thermostat temperature, bedroom remote sensor temperature, fan state, and thermostat heat and cool set temperatures stopped updating after the version change. The bathroom temp is not from Ecobee. It does appear to still be updating the heat-on operating state.

Here's my app that does the logging to a Google spreadsheet.

I've looked in the Ecobee app settings and the sensors are still checked off and there are no errors reported in my logging app that I'd expect to see if those sensors were no longer available to read.

Nothing in particular stands out to me in the logs.

Any ideas why I'm not getting updated info from Ecobee now?

Just saw this. Yep, first and only version I've installed.

Looks like you posted a patch for it. Thank you!

Since I updated to 1.9 I am getting these errors a couple times a day.

Will 1.9.01 fix this?

1.9.01 should fix it - install it, and let me know…

1.9.01 did not change the problems I listed above. Any idea what is happening?

I noticed that my app that logs the info is getting numbers when requesting the status of those sensors, but the numbers just haven't changed since the update.

So sorry for the inconvenience - I will look into this over the weekend…

I cannot reproduce the error in 1.9.01 - could you please verify for me that device that is causing the error (thermostat or sensor), and the line number of the error in 1.9.01 code (from the logs).


I updated my C7 to 1.9.0, now getting an error in Smart Mode Helpers. I removed the old instances, recreated to have same Java error as soon as attempt to put a Temp setting in.


First, I'm an idiot. I disabled the devices because the first time I went to upgrade to 1.9 it failed part way through and undid the update. I never re-enabled them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I do think I'm getting updates now, but I noticed these errors in the logs:


I suspect you may still have something in a bad state due to your earlier failed installation, but I've made changes to the thermostat device that should fix things...please run Hubitat Package Manager to pick up the latest edits.

Let me know if you still get errors, and post a snapshot of them if you do...


I think I've fixed the error in Smart Mode. And I think the error in Smart Circulation is fixed in v1.9.02 of the thermostat device.

Please run HPM to update to the latest (or manually pick up both the thermostat device code and the smart mode app code.

Let me know if this solves your issues...

Everything seems to be operating correctly, but I do still see errors in the logs.

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