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I have heard good things about Yolink devices here, but cloud-only integration seemed like a major shortcoming.

Does your integration require an active connection to Yolink’s servers in the cloud?

From the info available in your GitHub repo, it sounds like it does.


Very interesting. We might finally have a smoke and co detector.

If a smoke/co detector is dependent on the cloud to integrate with Hubitat, that would be a non-starter for me.


I get what you're saying. Nice to have another full product line though.

What about this?


YoLink devices do communicate through the Cloud to the YoLink mobile app, but they can also be "paired" directly with other YoLink devices to work without the Cloud. For example, you could pair a YoLink door contact switch with a YoLink siren or a YoLink outlet. The same thing for their CO/Smoke Detector. The major thing about YoLink devices is their extreme range - far beyond the Hubitat zWave or Zigbee ranges.


YoLink’s version of LoRa is amazing regarding range however is proprietary so “closed garden” with regards to local control. Although you can link “device to device” as @SteveBarcus stated, unfortunately YoLink only allows EITHER “device to device” OR access via their Cloud. I spent several calls to YoLink support here in SoCal to see if there was a way to link devices but still maintain access to the devices via the YoLink hub, which can integrate with Alexa. Since Alexa can integrate with Hubitat via the HE Amazon Echo Skill, I was able to get my YoLink leak detectors to turn off my Bulldog valve via the YoLink valve controller. This also allowed me to also add various other home automations when a leak is detected such as voice notifications, flashing lights etc. I was hoping to be able to link the valve controller directly to the leak sensors (for local reliability as internet is not needed for this) while still using the cloud connection for auxiliary (less critical stuff like announcements via Echo devices) notifications but YoLink does not allow this. YoLink also has opened their cloud API for developers but not an API that allows you to access their hubs via LAN. While I do admit to using their cloud based solution due to the incredible range and battery life of their LoRa, I understand that this is a no go for many (if not most) that use Hubitat for its totally local control. Unfortunately, it seems highly, highly (did I mention HIGHLY) unlikely that YoLink will ever open the LAN API to their hub as they are trying to market their own closed system. Now if someone could use standard (non-proprietary) LoRa in home automation with an open API. . . well, one can only wish!


Sadly not good for new builds/renovations which now require hardwired interconnected units by code. You could probably skate on using the z-wave for interconnect (similar to what nest does) but they can't be hard wired. ( I found a lot of this out when getting my place inspected repeatedly)

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Thanks, that is interesting but I was referring to the Hubitat integration you've written for Yolink devices.

If that's the case, that's a shame since it seems like the only way to integrate with Hubitat is through Yolink's mobile app, so the above-mentioned feature isn't that relevant to those of us that are still planning to use Hubitat.

@SteveBarcus can you clarify?


The YoLink hubs (their plain "Hub" and/or their "Speakerhub") connect to YoLink's cloud servers. Out of the box, you'd control, monitor, and setup automation using the YoLink mobile app. My service and device drivers allow you to connect to those cloud servers and receive events and setup automation directly on your Hubitat, using, e.g., WebCore. The YoLink devices - and therefore the associated Hubitat devices created by my app - are dependent on the cloud (internet) being available. You can pair YoLink devices to other YoLink devices directly so they don't require the cloud (for example their CO/Smoke detector with their Siren).
I've not really researched this device pairing to any large degree, but I think you can have multiple pairings. I also don't know what the effect of pairing devices would have on their behavior with the cloud, i.e., would they still send events to the cloud simultaneously with the paired device(s).

There are numerous discussions and opinions on the short comings of the YoLink devices because of their lack of 3rd party integration outside of the cloud. I'm not trying to debate that nor change people's minds. I understand that limitation and the frustration associated with it.
Having said that, if you have an application which isn't critical - in my case, a YoLink Door Sensor on my mailbox 300 feet away from my house - YoLink is currently the best solution. If it's a critical application, you can always use YoLink device-to-device pairing to eliminate the cloud. Otherwise, use the zWave and ZigBee devices you need. I'm not trying to sell YoLink devices :slight_smile:


In my experience playing with and testing this with Hubitat for about a year and a half now, along with several calls to YoLink support (they are very responsive BTW and I was able to talk to several of their engineers over the phone) I do not believe this is possible. However, I have not experimented with this in about 6 months so I am hoping that this will change at some time with a firmware change. Simultaneous linking (direct and cloud) would allow you to have the reliability and safety of linking directly in the event your internet goes out, while allowing integration with Hubitat and other home automation devices (as long as your cloud connection is working). Trouble is, at the time of my experimentation, simultaneous connection was not an option. Hope this changes (I have asked this of YoLink several times over the last couple of years and just quit suggesting this after polite responses but no action on their part (they just kept referring me to their cloud API which I am assuming @SteveBarcus ‘s app connects to). Oh well. . .

@SteveBarcus I followed the instructions listed here ----> https://tinyurl.com/2p8hdxwb and ran into a roadblock at step #10. The search by keywords doesn't return any results. Everything up until this point was successful. Anyone have any thoughts?

Go through the instructions up to Step 5. In the Repositories section, under the "Available Repositories" it should show:
Steven Barcus - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/srbarcus/YoLink/master/repository.json
If not, recheck the spelling of the repository you entered in Step 6.

My Hubitat app and drivers access YoLink devices through the YoLink cloud (servers) via the Internet. The app requires that you enter your unique access id and secret key that are obtained through the YoLink mobile app so it can access your devices through the cloud via their MQTT API. After that, the mobile app is no longer required.
YoLink does have a proprietary hub that only communicates through their cloud-based servers - so, as many have stated - there is no local control, i.e., Hubitat directly communicating with a device via your LAN.
There are many reasons people are opposed to these types of devices such as; if YoLink goes out of business and takes their servers with them then the devices are pretty much useless; open-source people who distain any closed or proprietary devices; but, arguably, the main reason is their dependance on the availability of the Internet and the YoLink servers (which I share), These are not the only devices that are subject to these shortcomings. If you can live with their shortcomings then use them, if not, don't.


YoLink has contacted me and is going to provide some sort of deal to Hubitat users to get a free YoLink Hub or a discounted YoLink Speaker Hub. I'll post the details as soon as I get them.


That’s nice of them, I guess.

They seem to be pretty aggressive with the way they encourage consumers to come into their walled garden.


Here's the offer from YoLink (I do not make any money on this):
Free YoLink Hub for new Hubitat customers: Place an order for $100 or more on our website, get a rebate on the cost of a hub. Send your order number to me, I will validate the rebate and issue a refund to your original purchase.


1. Purchase $100 or more at www.shop.yosmart.com
2. Email your order number and your Hubitat username, and your new YoLink username to eric@yosmart.com


Only valid for new customers, for purchases on our website during the month of July. One free hub to a customer or per $100 minimum spent. Our hub starter kits have a discounted hub already. If you purchase a starter kit, your rebate will be less than if you bought the hub separately, but you are still getting a free hub. Offer is valid through July 2022.

Link to our hubs and starter kits area: Start Here! (Hubs & Hub Kits)– YoLink

I’ve already done that. I removed the repository and re added it by copying and pasting your link. I’ve gone over it numerous times looking for a spelling error and have not found one.

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