[RELEASE - BETA] - "YoLink™ Device Service" app and drivers to connect Hubitat™ to YoLink™ devices

I'm using HPM version: v1.8.6

Instead of clicking "Search by Keywords", click "From a URL".
Enter this URL:

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@SteveBarcus Bingo, that did it! Thank you so much!!

@SteveBarcus any chance of getting a device driver for the Power Strip??

I don't currently own one of those devices, so I can't develop a driver. My budget doesn't allow me to purchase devices that I'm not going to use. I've contacted YoLink to see if they'll work something out with me, as they are aware that I'm developing these drivers.

I will be getting a Power Strip and writing the driver. I'll let you know when it's available.

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Thanks for the reply I will help by making a donation to the cause. If you don't mind let me know that you receive the donation. Thanks for all you do.

I received the donation. Thank you very much! I have ordered the outlet and will let you know when the driver's available.

Support for the following devices has been added:
Siren Alarm (YS7103-UC) - 07/15/2021
MultiOutlet (YS6801-UC) - 07/15/2021
Temperature Sensor (YS8004-UC) - 07/15/2021

Use the HPM Update feature and you should see the update for YoLink Device Service version 1.0.1. This will download the new drivers. Then run the "YoLink™ Device Service" app again to create the devices.

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Fantastic @SteveBarcus! Leak Sensor next :pray:? Thanks for your great work on this!

I happened to have one on hand, so I'll work on it.


"They seem to be pretty aggressive with the way they encourage consumers to come into their walled garden."


Quite understandable that a company with products based on proprietary protocols selling a system that is not designed to be open to other platform would market and promote THEiR system. No problem there. But I don’t quite get the laughing emoji response either. I like YoLink’s products (other than not being able to access them with Hubitat locally) and Eric has been helpful in the past in answering my questions. I have spoken to him directly via phone call to their support center and he seems to be a genuinely nice and helpful guy. But it doesn’t quite enhance the company image by laughing at some of their potential customers (I suspect that so many Hubitat users would jump on YoLink’s LoRa products if they were made available locally and not through the YoLink cloud). Oh well.

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I Updated the installation documentation. It appears that you need to use a Tag instead of a Keyword if you haven't previously scanned the repositories.

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Support for the following device has been added:
LeakSensor (YS7903-UC)

Use the HPM Update feature and you should see the update for YoLink Device Service version 1.0.2. This will download the new driver. Then run the "YoLink™ Device Service" app again to create the devices.


Support for Leak Sensor (YS7903-UC) has been added.


Me neither. I have a couple applications for their devices, and I can't get over the lack of local integration. They are losing a few sales from me, and probably others, by not having an open API.

No, it just made me laugh, thinking we might be thought of similar to Darth Vader saying "come to the dark side" or something like that. A proprietary product is not inherently evil or deceptive. Would it be reasonable to get mad at GM because you can't take your Chevy to a Ford dealer for parts and warranty service? I don't think we're much different than a typical car brand - unique and with some proprietary aspects.

But my main point is we are not tricking anyone or pushing them into our walled garden. Our products sell themselves on their own merits. For one thing, we do have a fairly unique product, and our wireless technology is in some ways even superior to the nearest equivalent, LoRaWAN. It would be one thing if we went out of our way to make a WiFi-based sensor proprietary, but it's a very different animal, already. And, had we chosen to be just a sensor manufacturer, I think we'd be a very different company, disconnected from the end-user, chasing the next order for 100,000 units, products commoditized and end-user customers marginalized. But instead, we are about providing a service and an ecosystem of products, where end-user customer feedback and purchasing trends determine our next products, and those products lead to new customers, and so on. Like GM or Ford, I guess.

We are going to make an offline hub with local control, but it's for a relatively niche market segment (most people don’t want to roll-their-own smart home). The current business model is for the most part the norm and I think it is a mutually-beneficial one for us and our customers. Oh, it’s worth pointing out we will be producing dual-network devices that work on Helium as well as our network. That’s not “walled garden” at all.

I was not laughing at anyone, I almost posted a GIF of Vader, actually; I was just amused by YoLink being characterized as tricking anyone into getting into a negative company/customer relationship. It's not like that.


To be fair to everyone, I don’t think that anyone is “mad” at YoLink (which I agree would be unreasonable) , just disappointed that Yoink’s great sensors cannot be used with Hubitat without relying on the YoLink Cloud. The obvious reason for this disappointment is that the YoLink Hub is much, much, much less capable than Hubitat and (of course) is not compatible with local control with Hubitat.

Now, to be fair to Eric, I think he explained very well (and fairly) his company’s approach and as I have stated, has always been quite responsive and helpful whenever I have interacted with him. YoLink can obviously use any business model they wish and that is (of course) completely their choice and right.

It is admittedly easy to misinterpret intentions with text, so just like some innocent jokes or quotes in these times of hyper-wokeness, it is easy to ascribe evil intent when not there. I suppose everyone just needs to just take a deep breath and IMHO, should give everyone the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise, :scream: myself included.

BTW, what would make a lot of people “happy” if not ecstatic, would be if the YoLink local hub in development could be interfaced with Hubitat via telnet like the Lutron hubs, Hint Hint!

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It's the modem fight over who owns the product. By forcing an always on connection to the cloud it is signaling that you are paying for the use of the product, not the product itself. While I love what YoLink is doing in there hardware I am not a fan of this model. Those is becoming far to common and honestly it needs to stop. It limits the consumer while encouraging an ever ending cycle of re buying devices.


@SteveBarcus My Power strips are not showing up in the device list? I have updated to version 1.02 and then I when back and updated the app and the strips show up in the list and I check the box and process and nothing? Is there something else that I can try? Thanks for all you do. All my other devices has been included.

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