How backups work

It does have a lot of separate drivers so it might take a while. As long as its slowly making progress just let it go. If it gets stuck you can always abort by going back to the apps list, it should not hurt anything.

It's not doing anything

The API does it just add devices to the dashboard app (not HE's)?

No maker api is for outside apps to connect to. Hubitat Dashboard is it's own app

Well I'm lost. I've been doing this for days. It seems all devices work from the app, even Zigbee. Maybe if I delete all the rules and redo them if might work. Although I've deleted some and rewrote them to no avail. So if there's a way to delete and refresh the cache for rules and start again.
Will this work?

Yes, this is my app and associated drivers.

This is the thread associated with it:

I'd suggest trying this:

  1. Run the HPM "Update" function and see if there are any outstanding updates for the YoLink Device Service app and/or drivers. If there were updates, then reboot the hub after they complete.

  2. No updates or still broke after the update/reboot?
    Run the HPM "View Apps and Drivers" function and make sure the app and any drivers you have installed are indeed at the current level, which as of today are:

  • YoLink Device Service
    • YoLink™ Device Service v2.1.8 (app)
    • YoLink COSmokeSensor Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink Dimmer Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink DoorSensor Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink Finger Device v1.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink GarageDoor Device v2.0.2 (driver)
    • YoLink Hub Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink LeakSensor Device v2.0.3 (driver)
    • YoLink LeakSensor3 Device v2.0.0 (driver)
    • YoLink Lock Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink MQTT Listener Device v2.0.5 (driver)
    • YoLink Manipulator Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink MotionSensor Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink MultiOutlet Device v2.1.2 (driver)
    • YoLink Outlet v2.0.0 (driver)
    • YoLink Outlet Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink Siren Device v2.0.2 (driver)
    • YoLink Smart Outdoor Plug Device v1.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink SmartRemoter Device v2.0.2 (driver)
    • YoLink SpeakerHub Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink Sprinkler Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink Switch Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink THSensor Device v2.0.4 (driver)
    • YoLink Temperature Sensor Device v2.0.4 (driver)
    • YoLink Thermostat Device v2.0.1 (driver)
    • YoLink VibrationSensor Device v2.0.2 (driver)

If any don't match, then try running the HPM "Repair" function on the YoLink Device Service. After completion, reboot the hub.

  1. Still broke?
    Run the YoLink Device Service app from start to finish, don't change anything at this time, just run it from start to finish. After completion, reboot the hub.

  2. Still broke?
    Run the YoLink Device Service app.
    On the YoLink™ Device Service Diagnostics page:
    Set Perform a reset on all YoLink™ devices to True and run the app to completion. (Remember to set this back to False the next time you run the app)

  3. Still broke?
    Try the "nuclear option": Run the YoLink Device Service app, deselect all the selected devices, and run the app to completion. Run the YoLink Device Service app again, select all the devices, and run the app to completion. After completion, reboot the hub. This will delete and redefine all the devices. Any connections to them (Dashboards, rules, etc.) will have to be rewritten.

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After looking closer at the error message, the error received on the Manipulator for the "Alert" is a legitimate driver error as it currently doesn't handle that. I'll update it. Thanks.

I did a package manager repair. Know all that shows is battery
2023-02-22 10:52:29.104 AMerror null is an undefined battery level

Can you give us an example of a rule that doesn't work? And what does the event logs say on the rule firing?

Just got a hold of Bobby. Corrupt data base. Doing a soft reset. We'll see what happens

I think I corrected the errors, I hope... I'll have to see if the rules run automatically or not. This is the only debug showing in the logs now. And I think SteveBarcus is working on it.

app:20592023-02-22 12:02:45.472 PMdebugdevice event: {"name":"signal","value":"-72","displayName":"YoLink MotionSensor - cabinet Motion Sensor","deviceId":"891","descriptionText":null,"unit":null,"type":null,"data":null}

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I don't recognize that message or where it might be originating from - looks like maybe old code.
If you click on the "app:2059" in the log message, which app/device is issuing the message? This is a Debug level message, so it's not an error - just not sure where it's coming from.

This is a motion detector. Where, why I don't know. Just did a soft reset and the yolink devices are the only ones showing up.
Motion and hot water shut off valve

Now getting a warn from pool door lock

Well the pool event ran automatically.
Looks good, first time in 5 days🎇

If some of the YoLink devices still aren't working, please run the YoLink Device Service app and on the YoLink™ Device Service Diagnostics page:

  • Set Perform a reset on all YoLink™ devices to False
  • Set Enable collection of diagnostic data to local file. to True
  • Click next.

The diagnostic information will be collected and then written to a file on your Hubitat and a page will appear showing you the link to view the file, e.g., "View the file at"

Copy and Paste the link into your browser to view the information. Copy and Paste the data into a PM to me @SteveBarcus so I can take a look. Thanks.

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@junk7001 So we are getting some progress on getting all your devices working again?

@SteveBarcus thanks for jumping in to help, I would be of no use for that integration.

No, thank you and everyone else who jumped in to help. I have to say yolink devices are very stable.
Thanks again!

You're welcome.

Well it looks like things are getting better to normal. Rules are starting to run correctly. I'll see as the day goes on. Zigbee devices too, except for battery remotes. I removed the ZigBee motions and replaced with yolink, and they now work as they should.
I'd like to thank everyone for their help with this it's much appreciated.
Have a great day!


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