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I'm not sure if this is the correct section to post this, but here goes.
Just installed the yolink app and enabled it. All devices show under devices, but not in rules. When setting up a new rule and trying to pick a device, no yolink devices show. What am I missing?

You will probably have a faster response if you post in the Yolink thread.

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I'm assuming that by "All devices show under devices" that you mean they are all showing on your Hub under "Devices", meaning you installed them by selected them when you ran the "YoLink Device Service" app.

  • What type of device are you trying to create a rule for?
  • Are you talking about creating a rule in the "Basic Rules" built-in app, the "Rule Machine" built-in app, or some other rules engine, e.g. WebCore?

Yes all devices show in device list. I'm trying to use a basic rule to turn off a Yolink switch at a certain time if on. When I try to choose the yolink plug no yolink devices show.

I've updated the drivers to fix this. Go back into HPM, select "Update", and select the "YoLink Device Service". Thanks.

Thanks, can you do this for all yolink devices?
Only the plugs show. I also have
Leak, motion, garage door, shut off valves.

I don't have a garage door device (I assume you mean the YoLink Finger: Universal Garage Door Controller), so I haven't written the driver for that. Currently they're sold out, so I have no idea when I'll be able to get one.

These are the currently supported devices:
Hub (YS1603-UC)
Speaker Hub (YS1604-UC)
Fob (YS3604-UC)
Valve (YS4909-UC)
YoLink Relay (YS5706-UC)
Plug (YS6604-UC)
Smoke & CO Alarm Wireless Base (YS7A01-UC)
Door Sensor (YS7707-UC)
Motion Sensor (YS7804-UC)
Outdoor Motion Sensor (YS7805-UC)
Temperature Humidity Sensor (YS8003-UC)
Siren Alarm (YS7103-UC)
MultiOutlet (YS6801-UC)
Weatherproof Temperature Sensor (YS8004-UC)
Leak Sensor (YS7903-UC)
In-wall Switch (YS5705-UC)
In-wall Outlet (YS6704-UC)

Leak Sensors (YS7903-UC) appear for me:

Motion sensors appear for me:

It appears that Valves are not available in the Basic Rules. You'd have to contact Hubitat support to update the Built-In app:

But Valves are available in the Rule Machine app:

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Thanks I understand now. I have the kit3 wired garage door opener with door sensor. Not the finger. I didn't check but let me see if the door sensor shows. It's just a door contact.

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