[Release] Alpha version of August Home (wifi door lock)

Happy to share an alpha version of an App/Driver for the August Home (cloud) that works with the Wifi door lock. So far that's all I've implemented. I just put a pull request in to add my repo to HPM but until that is merged you'll have to manually install it either via a custom repro or directly.


Very interesting, I have been having some decent luck with my Pro using Z-Wave recently, knock on wood, but integrating my other Wi-Fi locks would be sweet. I have a few questions though:

  1. Is this a local or cloud implementation?
  2. Does it support more than just the Pro model?
  3. Is a connect required for this to work?

I got the WiFI Lock so I can't use the Z-Wave integration hince I wrote this. So I can't say if the zwave is better or worse...

Is this a local or cloud implementation?
Its a cloud implementation... maybe someday I can do a local implementation if ideally August opened the API (doubtful) or someone reverse engineers it. I will say the latency is really good. It looks like there is an event API but it hasn't been fully explored - that would make it so I don't have to have a seperate contact sensor which would be awesome!

** Does it support more than just the Pro model?**
I only have the WiFi model to test so I can't say for sure but I suspect anything that shows up in the august app? Its using there cloud API.

** Is a connect required for this to work?**
I would think so (or the WiFI Lock).

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This is great, I have the 4th gen Wifi lock as well and had been using ST's cloud integration to get this info and send it to Hubitat but this makes it work much better and I can remove it from ST it's one of three things I still had the ST hub on for. Setup and authentication were both very easy. Thanks again!

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One thing I noticed was, when I unlocked the door manually it didn’t update the status in Hubitat within the 8 minutes I waited when I went into the device and hit refresh it updated immediately. Is there an expected refresh rate? Thanks.

It's currently hard coded to refresh every 15 min... I intend to make that configurable and ideally figure out events...

But I expressly refresh on Lock/Unlock events - I wonder if there's a race on the server side. I might need to refresh in a loop until I get the desired state, or just presume a successful call to "lock/unlock" did it's job.

It's the same if you use the August app to unlock it, Hubitat won't get the state change, this time I unlocked it with the August app then waited 21 minutes and Hubitat still said it was locked until I hit refresh. It does work and update perfectly everytime so far when using Hubitat to control the lock.

The runEveryXMinutes() APIs don't seem to be working the way I expect them to in Hubitat... I need to do some experiments. On my honeywell App I moved to using the plan schedule() API for part of my refresh's and that seems to be working far better.

Thanks for looking into it.

Any idea why my device wouldn’t discover? It seems I’m properly authenticated through MFA, but it never discovers my device. Thanks in advance!

Have you enabled logging and looked through the logs when pressing the discover button? I had pressed the validate button on the 2FA code and thought it went through but discovery wasn't working so I turned on logging and saw in the logs it was waiting for the 2FA validation so I pressed validate again and that time the option disappeared and it brought my lock in.

If you enable debug logging and post some logs I might be able to figure out what is going on (do redact any tokens please).

Thanks for everyone’s willingness to help. I figured it out and it was PEBKAC. I thought I was pressing the Verify button but in fact I wasn’t...
Thanks Taylor for your work on this. Saved the fact that I just bought this thing in Cyber Monday and didn’t consider whether there was an app yet. I’m loving Hubitat community!

I'm probably doing it wrong, but not able to get it to work and not sure where the problem is.
Repro & symptoms:

  • Created august hubitat app
  • Entered the e-mail credentials in the august hubitat app,
  • Got an e-mail with the 2FA indicating creds were valid
  • Entered it in the "Two factor auth code" box i at which point after pressing "Verify" the 2FA option disappears indicating that (probably ?) it was accepted.
  • However when pressing "Discover" nothing appears and in the logs connectToAugust failed -- Unauthorized: [code:InvalidCredentials, message:access token not associated with a user] appears

Additional (minor) issue: the app doesn't appear in http://hubitat_ip/installedapp/list ; however it can be accessed when navigating directly to http://hubitat_ip/installedapp/configure/the_app_id/mainPage

This is freaking great!!!

I did have a little trouble with 2MFA but I did it a second attempt and this worked. Z-wave on the August device is a mess and really stinks ( :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:). Love the device; hate the z-wave part. If there is a way to get the battery level and keypad to work.. I would over the moon with excitement!!!

Let me know if you need any testing.. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!

Glade it works for you! I'll have to do some testing but it looks like there are APIs for battery level and definitely for keypad and doorbell. I don't have either of those personally so I'll have to relight on the community :slight_smile: to help test them.

Locking and unlock works well. I have been doing more testing. I do have an unusual setup and it allows me test the lock in different ways. So if I manually unlock the lock I don't see that status change. Then, I open the door I don't see the contact change either.

I have the keypad as well so I can help test that too.

If anyone has a Gen 2 August lock that is unusable, but has a good accelerometer inside, PM me please. I have one that is otherwise useless and a now useless WiFi to Bluetooth bridge too. The small ribbon cable broke on the internal accelerometer and Assa Abloy (August) couldn't provide a replacement for an out of warranty lock.

What if you do a refresh? I don't have any event support right now so it's all polling. There is a pub sub URI in the lock details so hopefully at some point someone/I can reverse engineer how to use it.