August Locks

Ok. Want to do a quick write up to help others if i can. The WAF is one of the biggest challenges for me in my smart home obsession. The only smart lock i have been able to get her to accept is the new smaller august WiFi lock, with its BLE auto-unlock that actually works pretty darn well. I have 3 of them in my new home. These locks seem to have weaker wifi radios in them, the batteries only last a month for me, and had to crank my 2g wifi up more than i would like to in order to keep them on network. More on that later.

My trouble has been getting the darned things integrated. I knew i would be have to deal with a cloud integration, these only have wifi and ble radios. My initial thought is that is better than dumb lock, And my biggest use-case is auto-locking a few minutes after "away" mode and for "sleep", which really isn't too sensitive to delays in seconds.

I looked at IFTTT, you can't do lock actions there. I even played with a HE-Google-August integration, they sort of worked. But was very flakey.

Thinking i was at a dead-end, i bought 2 of the 3rd gen august locks. (zwave plus august connect wifi bridge). I figured i can use them in man doors in the garage worst case if i ever get august wifi locks working.

Those zwave locks work perfectly on both my C5 hub and my new C7 hub i just migrated to. Native HE driver, works great.

But then, i found the app written by Mr Taylor linked below. It said Alpha, but i figured it was worth trying. It works great!!!! Honestly, it hasn't hiccupped yet. My wifi locks are all now devices in HE and work great.

One change i made on a hunch. My 2 zwave locks dont really need the connect bridge. I actually took the bridge, and connected it to the wifi locks. (it now talks ble to the connect bridge, and then the bridge is on my wifi network). So far the connection is better, and my batteries are lasting 3 times as long.

it becomes a very expensive solution. But if you WAF needs land you on the august WIFI lock. I think your best option is the lock, plus a connect, plus this community app.


I have used an August Pro Z-wave lock in a previous house. The lock is kinda big, but it had a great WAF.

In our new house I changed to Level Bolt locks. I connect HE to them through Homekit. The WAF has gone up further because they are hidden inside the door. They work well and the integration through Homekit is solid.

Glad to hear about your success. :1st_place_medal:

Never looked at HomeKit. The locks just need to be close enough to an iPad or Apple TV via Bluetooth?

How is the battery life?

Correct. I have an Apply TV 4K that does that for me.

The Level Bolt batteries have last a year so far. I think they are supposed to least at least two years, unless you lock/unlock 20 times a day.

thanks i will have to take a look

I notice that there is a August Home package available under the Hubitat Package Manager. I have been using that.

Glad the app/driver works for you - I should update the thread as I'd consider it at least Beta at this point. I'd have a hard time ever calling it more than Beta without an official August API... As they say write your representative (in this case August I guess :slight_smile: ).


I've August smart lock 4th gen, I couldn't connect it with hubitat, stuck with the two factor Auth code! I couldn't find it any where, Even Mr google didn't help!

thanks in advance

Is that 3rd Gen or 4th?

It was an August Lock Pro (Gen 3). To my knowledge, the Pro model is the only Z-wave lock August makes, and it is only a Gen 3 device. Gen 4 is not a Pro model (no Z-wave). It is a native WiFi lock. The Pro requires the August Connect module to be accessed over WiFi.

Thanks you for your fast respond, I appreciate it.

so that means there is no support yet for the 4th Gen! I guess.

Update: I got it connected.

The 2FA is a bit annoying to say the least... When using email it must match the e-mail associated with your account same with the phone. If using phone make sure you input it as +1(xyz)abc-defg. Without the +1 it sigligntly fails or if there are any spaces etc...

Thanks Mr Taylor!! I selected phone No. Login option and it worked!
the confusion was (where to get the Two Factor Auth Code) since august doesn't use it. I used the "August Verification code" that has been sent to my registered Phone No.

Thank you again Guys! So clever you are!
I got it connected to hubitat, there's huge delay to Locking/unlocking and to show the sensor status.

Hi @taylor thank you for creating this. I recently change my August Lock (Original) + Connect with a new Yale Assure Lock (one with the Connect and Apple Homekit support). With the original setup I was able to put in my phone number and password .... put in the 2FA number and it would discover my lock. However, now I am stuck in a loop. I put in my phone number +1xxxxxxxxx and password...August sends a 2FA code. I type that in and hit verify. Nothing happens. I hit it again and the 2FA number disappears. I hit done and then discover and nothing is found. I turned on debug logging and it says it fails to authorize. Curious if August changed something or I am doing something wrong. Thanks again for the great work!

Status reporting incorrectly.
Greetings all. I have just installed an August 3rd gen and was not having any luck pairing the z-wave to HE. Success was finally achieved after installing the "August Home" app created by you wonderful people. It connects the HE, lock and Alexa and works well, except for reporting status. It always thinks it is "unlocked". When locking there is a brief flash "Locked" but instantly reports as "unlocked". Is there a trick, step or something I'm missing? Thank you.

@marc.connors @taylor did you all figure this out? I have the same problem. Login and verified 2FA but devices weren't discovered.

Good morning. I did get the 3rd Gen Z-wave August lock to pair with HE. I had it close to the hub, 6-8 feet just in the same room. I excluded and included several times until it worked. It seemed to help once I used the August software on my iPhone. I initially tried without as I wanted the least amount of steps, devices or layers as possible. I think going through the August platform was essential. It links directly with HE now, but it seemed necessary during setup.
I wondered about it reporting however over the past several days that seems to have improved. I have since added a Schlage Z-wave and it is less responsive than the August. The August reports correctly, locks and unlocks when requested even via Alexa routines. The Schlage sometimes does and sometimes it takes two or three requests before it responds. I will be adding another 3rd gen August Z-wave lock.
I hope this is helpful and I did not misinterpret your question.

Same boat here. I checked the logs but I am getting a "connectToAugust failed -- status code: 401, reason phrase: Unauthorized: [code:InvalidCredentials, message:unverified access token]" error.

Stuck looking for two factor authorization code. I've tried both email and phone number and do not receive a code.

I am wondering if HomeKit can successfully bridge this issue connecting August WiFi, HomeKit and HE.
Currently I have HE triggering routines in Alexa to lock/unlock August WiFi. Most times it works, sometimes it seems the command needs to be repeated before it works.
I am hopeful Apple HomeKit will be more reliable/stable.