[RELEASE] Aeotec Water Sensor 6 w/ Dock

Aeotec Water Sensor 6

Driver Capabilities

  • Battery
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Power Source
  • Water Sensor


  • Full support for dock functionality
  • Power source monitoring (use for power outage notifications when powered by USB and battery)
  • Dual sensor (dual child independent sensors)
  • Works in always listening or sleepy modes (auto detect / dependent on if paired with usb power)




  • Fixed state variable typo


  • Fix for null info log entry on temperature report


  • Fix for typo in temperature report descriptionText


  • Fix for location based temperature scale

Damn skippy - that was quick!!


So this sensor is pretty versatile .. I'm kinda impressed .. I like the dual wired sensors from the dock.. with individual reporting.. will work well in my utility room ..


Thanks, @bcopeland. I had one of these sitting on my counter, just waiting for this day. (Actually, I was going to install it tomorrow anyway, and use the other driver, but was glad when you released yours, and went ahead and installed it early.)

Seems to work great, and you're right, the dual sensor reporting and powered dock make this an awesome unit.

Perhaps one minor nit: I see this in my state variables. It did pair directly to your driver, so there shouldn't have been any 'old' data in there. (I believe that the 'sleepy: false' variable is the true/correct one since I am mains powered.)


Also, upon your next revision (if there is one,) could you add the GitHub URL somewhere at the top? That makes it so easy to update! As always, masterful job. Thanks again!

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Whoops.. Looks like I have a typo.. Will be fixed shortly

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Update v1.1 pushed .. fixed typo

If you paired with USB power then it is not sleepy.. Which is why I have that there.. Communicating with sleepy devices is different than communicating with always listening devices...

So if you see false for sleepy .. then yes yours is always listening ..

@bcopeland Have you thought about adding your driver to the hubitat package manager?


Yes... In fact .. I have been following this closely.. I have even done some trial runs with some manifests I created... I was kinda waiting for it to come out of beta...


Where am I looking for this?

Yeah that makes sense I think it's close, it's working pretty well now :+1:. Really great idea, if it installed the app aswell it would be amazing, but events it is makes things so much easier.



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If you switched to this driver from another.. it won't show until after you hit configure

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This is for me learning more about HE, and not a complaint, but ‘sleppy’ didn’t go away when I installed the new code. Is there anyway to get rid of it short of a remove and re-pair? My CDO doesn’t like it there, but I’ve already added it to my rules and dashboards, so I won’t be going that far.

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Yea.. I didn’t put a remove in there as it should be pretty rare that someone got that in the short time it was released and the fact that it was only on 1 of the possible messages from the device

That’s cool. I know it doesn’t hurt anything. I just didn’t know if there was something simple I could do.

Thanks again for everything!

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If the OCD gets too bad.. I was thinking of writing a “utility driver” that would do state variable cleanup on devices


Do you like these water sensors I need some more but been waiting to see what new water sensors that was coming before I brought. I like the dual water sensor capabilities with the dock? How long are the cables that come with this sensor ? Reason I ask was because I have a small bathroom and would like to monitor sink and toilet area? I have some Aeotec sensors in the past and they have been good. Thanks

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I’m pretty impressed.. I stayed away previously due to the cost.. But it’s pretty impressive.. And super fast at sending a notification

1 meter (3.28ft) .. but you should be able to add more cable to it..

I have this :grinning::+1: