Water Sensor Recommendations (optional with temp)


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I bought 10 of these from this ebay seller, as well as other Iris devices from him. I installed 9 of them, and they are awesome. At around $11 each, they are a great buy, all came with the battery and plastic tab still inserted.

They report battery, temp, and wet/dry.

Only 4 left!

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I'll argue with @aaiyar and say that it works very well. :grinning:

As he said, use @bcopeland's wonderful driver: https://community.hubitat.com/t/release-aeotec-water-sensor-6-w-dock/39292.

I have one with USB power in the dock, and it has performed flawlessly in the short time that the driver has been available. It reports temperature and battery regularly and signals water very quickly. I'll buy a couple more to go in places where I can utilize the combo of the dock, remote probes and USB power.

In battery, no-remote-probe applications, I use Fibaro Flood Sensors. https://www.amazon.com/FIBARO-Sensor-Detector-FGFS-101-ZW5/dp/B01H1M0SP6

They don't get a lot of love on here due to the price, but they are solid. They report quickly and regularly and just sip battery life. Perhaps if I had more of them, I might chase a better value, but overall, the cost difference really isn't that much. I had a non-plus/300-series on ST and it was equally solid, so I bought the 500-series to go on HE and haven't been disappointed at all.


You guys must have money to burn....

$50 sensor (aeotec/fibaro)... $18 sensor (smartthings)... :man_shrugging:


I still have 8 old Aeotec (DSB45?) that I converted to being line powered with 3V adapters. Almost 6 years old now. Still fine .....

Works forever ac mains powered and dual sensors

Is it still working? who knows.. Battery will show 100% and be dead.. Do you trust it to tell you there is a leak?

Hey, each to their own. In general, I prefer mains powered over battery too.

My counter in this specific case to that is:

  • Average battery life=18mo-2+ years. (edit: I adjusted my original # down after looking at my battery replacement spreadsheet)
  • Device Watchdog App = know if it is working or not. Don't need to guess. It reports temperature every few hours, so if no update>1 day, its dead, regardless of battery report.
  • I don't have AC outlets under my sinks and next to my toilets... So, those would be battery powered no matter which type I used.

I can replace a **** load of batteries every 2 years for a $30+/device difference.


I am not really that picky about the product. I just want something reliable that works. Burst pipes water damage is one of the biggest category of insurance claims and can devastate a house. So for me, it is worth the money. I looked at the ST first, but some bad reviews really concerned me.

Have you tried multiple probes with them? In other words, I don't really care if the water leak is under the sink or the toilet. I would like to place a probe in each location and get an alert. Obviously a pipe break will alert both, but a slow leak might not. So I really like multiple probes for one device but not sure if you can do that on the ST. I would think any water touching the two points of either probe would set it off but not sure if anyone has tried it. (I understand the probe is not designed for remote probes but someone mentioned soldering probes onto it. Maybe one one top and one on bottom.)

$11 sensor Iris. I have about 75 spare batteries from an auction purchase (Sage Doorbell by the case). They will go bad before I use them all.

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No, I just used multiple ST sensors if I couldn't place 1 in a location that would catch a leak from both/multiple sources.

So, for my master bathroom I use 4:

  1. My sink
  2. Wife's sink
  3. Toilet room
  4. Water heater in closet

None of them are such that a device w/multiple probes would work/have been close enough to use anyway. Your configuration/geometry may be different.

Guest bathrooms I use 2 in each bathroom:

  1. Under sink
  2. Behind toilet

Kids bathroom I use 3:

  1. Under sink 1
  2. Under sink 2
  3. Behind toilet

Kitchen I use 3:

  1. Under refrigerator
  2. Under sink
  3. Under dishwasher

Laundry room I use 1:

  1. Under washer

Garage I use 1:

  1. By water heater and incoming water filter

Attic I use 2:

  1. Large HVAC drip pan
  2. Small HVAC drip pan

But I don't work for Samsung. Get whatever you want - I have no skin in the game either way. :slight_smile: I'm just sharing my experience...

In my case there are only 2 places a multi probe would have been practical (without wires draping everywhere - a non starter to me) so the math FOR ME works out as:

  1. 16x$50=$800
  2. 18x$18=$324


With the delta in $ I installed a zwave plus incoming water shutoff valve on the main water line into the house - which is just as important (if not more) than all of the sensors to me.

I like the iris sensors too. I would get them too, if I needed some and could find them on ebay.

Don't you also need one in front and one on each side?



Probably, but what can ya do?


My next door neighbor used to have a carpeted master bathroom. They were always borrowing my Bissel carpet cleaner ......


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I make my 2 teenage boys clean their own bathroom (I do have to inspect it afterwards though - yuck).

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If that is your primary requirement, then you really do need to consider converting your existing wired sensors to Hubitat with Konnected. Then you don't have to worry about any battery issues, nor any Zigbee or Z-Wave issues (just wi-fi or wired Ethernet). This assumes your existing sensor infrastructure is satisfactory.