Water Sensor Recommendations (optional with temp)

I currently have several dozen lights, switches (in/outdoor), and LED controllers on my system. I have a monitored, home security system that I put in and configured almost 20 years ago with hard wired devices including water sensors for my sump pump, ejector pump, and basement. I am thinking about moving that system to my home automation system.

I am looking for some water sensor recommendations (possibly with temp). I am leaning toward z-wave or zigbee, I tend to lean toward that over WiFi due to reliability / expense / power though I am not completely against it.

I read a lot of various reviews about certain products not being reliable, not working when needed, etc. I am hoping people can give some feedback on what they are using and what works well with HE.

My ideal sensor would be:

  1. Z-Wave or Zigbee
  2. Have remote sensor capable (2 ideally)
  3. Optionally have temperature too.
  4. Run 1.5+ years on battery (option to provide power would be nice)
  5. Audible Alarm at device (for low battery and alarm mode)
  6. Reliable

I plan to use them at my existing water sensors (sump pump, ejector pump, basement/water heater) as well as considering flexible pipe break locations (washer, kitchen, bathrooms).

Thanks for any feedback!

For me, just my personal opinion, I would try the Aqara ones.
The reason being is that the water detection probes on the bottom are screws.
This gives you the ability to connect "flying" leads that can be situated in multiple places.
I have one that had 5 leads coming off of it to detect water in 5 different places in my kitchen that goes in various place under the sink and also off to the washing machine.
These will not meet some of your needs but at around £10 each to cover quite an area, you have options to obtain other devices for your other needs.


I have a Homeseer HS-LS100+ on my A/C condensation pan. Its not been there for enough time to determine battery life but its been solid and has the remote electrodes you mentioned.

I have five of the SmartThings zigbee ones for about four months now.

They use a CR123 battery. I just checked them, one is at 67%, three are 75%, and one is 87%.

They report temp, have two bumps on the bottom for puddle detection and a little scoop on top with contacts there as well.

They were $20 on amazon and seem to be reliable. I have tested them all a couple of times, just last week was the last time. I am happy with them.

I don’t know if they beep though. I have notifications on my phone and my rule triggers Alexa so I really don’t know.


I have one of these as well that I got second hand from eBay to try.
This one has probes on the bottom of it and can also be put in a holder with an external lead that can be put where you want.
It does have an audible alarm if it detects water.
Nice device. z-wave plus.

Just want to add - if @netspec.inc is so inclined, it is relatively simple to solder external probes on these contacts as well.

Also wanted to mention - @bobbles has most (all?) of his Xiaomi Aqara devices on an independent hub (the Mi Home hub) and uses Mi Connector to bring them into Hubitat. Many Aqara devices use a non-standard zigbee and don't play nice with many zigbee repeaters.


Very true. I keep forgetting as I don't have to touch them anymore as they are connected to a Mi Home hub. I do have a couple that are directly connected to one my hubs just to see how they behave. Not having issues with those either. They are on channel 22 if just for information/interest.

P.S. @aaiyar. Are you a spy? :wink: :slight_smile:


That suggests an interesting idea. Didn't really think of that. I was thinking of having multiple devices at each location (multiple probes at each). It would be nice to use the existing sensors (already mounted in pits and on walls) and just wire/solder to a central device(s) located at the alarm system location. In other words, use the existing alarm water probes connected to central device(s).

Do they report to EH battery life remaining in any way?

Can you monitor battery life from EH using rules? In other words, can I send an alert if battery life falls below 10%?

Yes, for any sensor that reports battery. Including the one mentioned by @JohnRob.

However (I don't know anyone else's experience), but in my experience, independent of platform, battery life reporting is often inaccurate. So I take it with a grain of salt.

P.S. We say HE around here, not EH :laughing:


Need to get used to that. HE HE HE :laughing:

Anyone have experience with these Aeotec Water Sensor 6 on HE? They are a bit pricey, but might be able to use with several probes. It also has a dock option that provides local power like the Renyaya but includes temp too. Just not sure if it works well with the HE.

Works well. And @bcopeland has just written a user driver for it.


The smartthings leak sensors are still my favorite. Only $18/ea too. As mentioned before no audible alarm on them, but that is what pushover is for...

I have 18 of them in my house... All sinks, toilets, refrigerator, water heaters, and HVAC dip pans.



My covers blown.


So I take it that you and @steve.maddigan think they are reliable with HE. Some of the Amazon reviews (and other places) suggest that they are not reliable. But of course that can be many factors including ID10T User Errors or poor hub integration. Just curious what actual experience, HE users think.

Never had any problem. I use the device watchdog app, too, so would know if they stopped updating. They never have.

Of course I curate my zigbee mesh carefully. No bad repeaters, no bad bulbs that repeat, lots of good repeating devices, etc, to ensure the mesh stays healthy.

That's always the downside to zigbee... Get one or two bad repeaters and the mesh flops. Technically that would be true of zwave too, but finding a bad zwave repeater is extremely rare. I've heard of zwave bad repeaters, but in 300+ zwave and zwave plus devices I've owned I've never seen one personally.

I have multiple zigbee devices that can kill the mesh, though (all bulbs/light strips). They stay isolated in their own hub.

So this sounds like an additional app by SmartThings... Is that the SmartThings Home Monitor?

Assuming it functions with both HE and the app simultaneously without any issues.

No it is a user app made for Hubitat. Can find it on here with a search.



I use the Samsung SmartThings water sensors and am quite pleased with them.

That said, if I had existing wiring and sensors already, I'd consider Konnected before replacing them with battery operated sensors.


Maybe he’s Canadian :wink:

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