Philips Hue Outdoor Motion - Firmware upgrade requires much patience

I saw the "Update Firmware" button on the device page for the Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor so, of course, I pushed the button.

Logs initially showed:

But then logged this error message:

Is this something that should work?

you would use the hue app update firmware

I believe I read the the Hue devices were amongst the few that Hubitat had arranged to obtain the firmware so they could be updated directly from the Hubitat hub. Was that incorrect?

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I've found that moving the sensor closer to the hub can help get the firmware update to complete

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Thanks. I may give that a try.

I also saw a thread that it sometimes throws that error but later will work. Another Home Automation Patience Tester.

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I found this to work consistently:

  1. Reset the Hue motion sensor
  2. Bring it close to the Hubitat (within a couple feet)
  3. Re-pair it to Hubitat (it will pair back with the same device id/name etc)
  4. Do the firmware update
  5. Move it to its final location

For whatever reason, the update doesn't work when routed through some zigbee repeaters.

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I brought it in and it's sitting on my desk in front of me about 8 feet from the hub,

The Firmware Update has now started and hasn't errored out yet after about 8 minutes.

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Log entry reports 20% complete after about 13 minutes.

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And it just crapped out . . . cue the sad trombones.

Is it connected directly or through a repeater?


Reset it and re-paired it.

Restarted the firmware update . . .

Stay tuned!

If it doesn't work, then it is time to tag @mike.maxwell.

In my experience with multiple Hue indoor/outdoor motion sensors, being directly paired was the secret to firmware updates working.

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I had an outdoor sensor, and the only way I got it to update was to connect it to a Hue hub. After updating it, it got moved back to Hubitat hub.

FWIW, I saw this thread and thought I should attempt to update my Hue Outdoor Motion. I do not believe it is directly connected to my hub (it's not in the Child Data of zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo). I didn't reset it or move it; it's outside, with 4 walls between it and the hub. I do have the external antenna mod on my C-7 (running

It took about 75 minutes for the update to complete once I hit the "Update Firmware" button on the device.

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Mine failed repeatedly but moved incrementally toward completion so I just kept hitting the button and waiting and now it has completed and the device page "data" section is reporting the new firmware revision level.


ive so far managed todo 2 of mine the 3rd keeps failing, not that ive seen any difference, but its nice to be upto date

I tried the reset and re-pair with the first one (the Front Porch sensor) and I did not with the second one (the Carport sensor). I brought both of them inside and set them on a shelf about a foot from the hub. I just kept my eye on the logs and restarted the firmware update when it failed. With patience, they both finished but, as you can see from the logs, it was a huge investment (waste?) of time!

Started at 1:05 PM today and finished at 8:39 PM.

just looked and mine already has bb7 and it is over a year old so that firmware must be pretty old.

According to Accessories | Philips Hue, the 27575 (0x6BB7) firmware is from March 2019. Which is interesting, as I just bought mine 4 months ago and it came with the older 25261 (0x62AD) firmware.