Updating firmware on zigbee devices

Is there a way of updating zigbee devices in Hubitat? I only have a Hubitat hub but have Phillips hue motion sensors, innr plugs, Aurora and Samotech light switches.

I want to make sure they all have the latest security patches.

You can update the firmware of Hue motion sensors using Hubitat. Don't know about the others.


Yes. Go to the device's settings page. There will be a button for firmware update. Watch the Logs tab for whether this worked or even had a firmware update available.

You cannot load firmware on your own, nor can you point the hub to a firmware file. This only works for selected devices where Hubitat was able to acquire the firmware.


Adding to what @neonturbo said - there is a firmware update button - but I want to add it seems it is only for about 3 vendors, mainly bulbs in my case. Most, but not all, of my zigbee devices do not have that button - It's fresh in my head since I did a run through 2 days ago of all 56 zigbee devices I have running. Only 6 were capable of updating, and of them 2 are 'stuck' - they get in a loop trying to update and go 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%... 20%...etc. for more info look here:

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When I click the UpdateFirmware button for a Generic Zigbee Outlet device, nothing happens. Nothing at all in either the Zigbee logs or device logs. I have waited several minutes. Shouldn't something appear that would say it's attempting an update or failed?

That would indicate there isn't any firmware update available for that device, so it can't attempt an update. And if can't attempt an update, the process can't fail either.

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