Philips Hue Outdoor Motion - Firmware upgrade requires much patience

I must be missing something here, is it really that out of date? :thinking:

Philips website:

My new Outdoor Hue:


no mine is the same version is there really a new version

according to here there is no newer firmware not sure what that version is.

The 7575 f/w is current for the SML001 version (original model w/ just "Philips" on the top).

They have at least a SML002 (and maybe even 003 or 04?) out now ("Philips Hue" on top), and that's the 5261 f/w.

I'd like to find one of the newer "Philips Hue" versions, but Amazon still seems to have quite a few 001 models left (as of a couple months ago anyway).

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After reading the thread a little more carefully it appears the two firmware's (ending in 5261 and 7575) are pretty normal.
Philips just jumped from 1.0 to 6.1.1 for some other reason. :man_shrugging:

Mine are all SML002's (from a couple(?) years back to now) and say Philips on the top and Hue on the back.
I think the packaging has changed in that time, but not the sensor.

Yep, I misspoke in my earlier post -- the SML002 models still include the ones that just say "Philips" on top (like SML001). I have one - I swore it was 001, but yep, it's 002.

The current f/w for those are 7575.

The newer versions (newer no-window bubble packaging and they say "Philips Hue" on top) are SML003 (and maybe 004 too by now).

Presumably something changed hardware-wise too with the SML003+ models - they clearly have different firmware. It doesn't make sense that Philips would use a different f/w version # for the exact same code, but I suppose that possibility can't be ruled out.

The Philips website's change log has forever lagged woefully - that page is rarely ever current.

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Well, shows what I know, after updating on my Hue bridge the outdoor sensor is now showing as 1.1.27575.


The 6 in front of the 1.1.27575 on the website must be for some other purpose.
Maybe it relates to the new hardware that the website ignores.
Although I'm pretty sure the new version motion sensors were released after the 2019 firmware dates on the webpage.

I'm easily confused. :crazy_face:

I was finally motivated to try the update. Over the past year, I purchased 4 SML002 that all had the x62AD firmware. The closest one updated in place, taking almost an hour. The second and third updated when moved near the hub, though one took a couple of tries.

The fourth - no dice. Let me confirm .. when people are stating to reset, is this the 10-second button press? If I am missing something then I will take one more swing. It works fine and only mildly annoys me that it is different.

Can anyone confirm latest firmware for outdoor motion sensor? Bought one and mine isn't finding any update.

  • firmwareMT: 100B-010D-42006BB7
  • manufacturer: Philips
  • model: SML002
  • softwareBuild: 42006BB7

I just got this sensor from Amazon yesterday, but I don't know how long they had it before they sold it. I noticed that the model and software build are different. This new sensor doesn't seem to respond to the hubitat sensitivity level setting for a hue sensor like my old one did. The low setting picks me up at twice the distance as the low setting on the Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor that it's replacing.

  • firmwareMT: 100B-011B-02003506
  • manufacturer: Signify Netherlands B.V.
  • model: SML004
  • softwareBuild: 02003506

That's the latest available model # (004) and Hue firmware version (2.53.6) for the outdoor sensor.

I've used electrical tape to partially cover the aperture, but that's not what you wanted to hear. :slight_smile:
For me, it was the bushes blowing in the wind.