Nortec HUSBZB USB Stick Windows Drivers

I am trying to update the firmware on some devices. This has me plugging the USB Stick into a windows computer to be used in a separate update software. Setting the software aside, when I plug the stick in, windows is not recognizing it correctly in Windows Device Manager. Has anyone had to get updated windows drivers for their USB Stick? Any advice?

My Device Manager

Use the drivers from this link. You will need to manually choose the driver file because Windows does not see it as the correct drive.

Win10 Drivers for Hubitat USB Stick

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many thanks. I don't suppose you recall which to select, and how?

I downloaded, unzipped and ran the x64.exe file as per the release notes.
Plugged device back in to computer.
I went to the device in WDM, no change,

so I selected update driver ->

browse ->

let me pick from installed ->

type = ports ->

I noticed when I ran the x64.exe the last screen showed:

so I selected Silicon Labs, but not sure on last as there are quite a few options.

Am I anywhere correct here?

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Yeah the top one should work.

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Rockstar! Thanks.

Where can you find firmware?
Individual manufacturer's websites only?
It would be nice if there was a repo, but hosting that firmware might technically be against... the law maybe?

Hard to really find any firmware because the MFG will not give it out to individuals only companies like Homeseer or Smartthings.

With the Z-Flash software from Homeseer the firmware files for the Leviton dimmers I have are already included, but other then those its basically just Homeseer's devices. I still have yet to find firmware for any of the GE switches/dimmers.

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Agreed with the above. I am also using Z-Flash, but I got about 30 HS-WD100+ with really old firmware.

You can get software and firmware from aeotec as well. It's on their support part of the website, but they are the only other company that do it, that I know of.

For those having issues with Windows 10, I was able to finally get mine working. I had found another post on installing Axail server and grabbing the HubZ drivers from there. (Z-wave Switches Failing) I had to install using the "Unsigned driver" procedure. Not sure if HE uses different sticks, but the drivers listed here did not work.
It would really be nice if Hubitat posted a link to the right drivers for the stick on their web site. I lost about 6 hours trying to get it working. Once I was able to connect and update the Levitons, all was great. I have set up all the rest of my devices and love the product. Glad I didn't give up on it. Love the rules engine, saves me from Stringify!

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If you unplug the Z-Wave/Zigbee stick from Hubitat and into a PC, do something like this and then back to Hubitat does it loose it's config that it had with Hubitat?

No, only using other software for node management could change the data of z wave, I don't see anything for zigbee yet.

I'm on the fence of how much loosing all of that config is worth to me. Probably not worth it.

If you plug the USB Stick into another machine, the results depend on the Tools used. For the pair of tools discussed often on this forum, Zensys Tools (Windows) and OZWCP (Linux/rPi), first, they are ZWave tools, They can have no effect on the Zigbee side. Second, there's a menu system. YES there are buttons/commands that will "clear" the ZWave db of the stick. Don't click that button :smiley:

But just moving the stick over, taking a look around and putting it back will do NOTHING to Hubitat.

How about setting up z-wave/zigbee on Home Assistant to take a look at life over there? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I've mostly put that on hold for the time being, yes I can run my own hardware, but at what cost...

I believe HA uses OZWCP and thus my question is.. why have a middle man? :smiley: Also... I don't know as I'd trust the Middle Man to not tamper with the Stick. Really, the last thing you'd want to see when you fire up HA is something to the effect of: "Unknown devices, initializing ZWave stick"

Maybe that was the first thing that they got working and called it a day?
If it doesn't crash running a heavy add-on it seems worth it.
But the overall complexity doesn't make it worth it yet.
They're making big strides lately.

If you want to experiment, then I'd get an Aeon ZStick and "clone" the DB. Then play with that on HA to your heart's content.

"clone" means running OZWCP or Zensys Tools and doing a Receive Configuration. The new stick becomes a secondary controller. HA could than turn devices on and off but probably wouldn't get status. (Clearly anything HA initiates, it would know the status, but sensors with random reports, would only send that status to the primary. Physical changes, especially dimmers, would not send events to a secondary.)

Be aware though that a secondary is stupid on one hand (no status) but powerful on the other. Have it Exclude a device and it will.. by telling the Primary what it's doing. You'll lose the device on Hubitat too.

There is a way to clone the z wave completely including the coordinator as a primary, I'm looking for the zigbee part of the stick, having a backup of both radios of the stick is not bad anyway.

I don't think the Zigbee side is as complex. There's nothing to "store on board" like there is with ZWave. All Node Addressing is factory fixed, so it will always be the same. You've seen that already by virtue of factory resetting a Zigbee device only to have it come back onto Hubitat in the same place, all automations intact.

I'm not a Zigbee guy but I've never bumbled into anything saying there's a "tool" for Zigbee sticks. XBee universe probably has the best chance of optioning Zigbee USB stick values.