Newbie moving to Hubitat

Hi everyone!

A newbie here. A while ago, I was considering between HE and HA. I ended up getting a C8 (current version on a deal a while ago but I have never had the chance to set it up until now that I’ve finally committed to going all in on HE. I have been reading the forum (something I should have made before going for it, I know!) but I have been having some difficulties and wanted to know if the community could direct me to the right place.

Throughout the last few years, I have accumulated some sort of smart home devices/hubs - mostly connected to Alexa or through the device's app:

  • Amazon Echos
  • Fire-stick
  • Google Nest Thermostat (3rd Generation)
  • SwitchBot Switch Button Pusher
  • Govee Lyra Corner Floor Lamp (H6072) Wifi
  • Govee Ambient Portable Table Lamp (H6058) Wifi/Bluetooth
  • Tapo P100 - Smart Plug Wifi
  • Kasa Mini Smart Plug (KP115) Wifi
  • Ikea STOFTMOLN LED ceiling/wall lamp
  • Ikea STYRBAR remote control
  • Eufy Homebase 2 Wifi
  • Eufy Doorbell S220
  • Eufy Cam 2C
  • Eufy IndoorCam E220 (P24) 2K Pan&Tilt Wifi
  • Broadlink S3 hub Wi-Fi smart hub
  • BroadLink RM4 Pro IR and RF
  • BroadLink Smart Wall Light Switch. Wifi
  • SONOFF Motion Sensor (SNZB-03) Zigbee
  • Shelly RGBW2 (to dimm control x3 LED stripes) Wifi
  • Aqara Hub M2 - HM2-G01
  • Aqara Door/Window Sensor - MCCGQ11LM Zigbee
  • Aqara Smart Wall Switches (No Neutral) - WS-EUK01 and ‎WS-EUK02 *Zigbee *
  • Aqara Wireless Remote Switch H1 - WRS-R02 *Zigbee *
  • Aqara Water Leak Sensor - SJCGQ11LM Zigbee
  • Aqara Motion Sensor - RTCGQ11LM Zigbee
  • Aqara Motion Sensor P1 - ‎MS-S02 Zigbee
  • Aqara Presence Sensor FP2 - ‎PS-S02D Wifi
  • Aqara Smart Radiator Thermostat E1 - ‎SRTS-A01 Zigbee
  • Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor - WSDCGQ11LM Zigbee
  • Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 Zigbee
  • Aqara Camera Hub G3 - CH-H03
  • ...

I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment on how to pass all this to HE. I am not sure where to start, what’s worth keeping, or if there is anything worth replacing. Any advice?

My goals are to move away from Alexa (potentially in the future to get HomeKit with local control), reduce the number of apps I need to use to turn stuff on/off, as well as start automating the everyday things I do, with the help of the sensors (and Alexa routines).

After reading through some posts and how some devices do not have HE integration, I’m feeling so lost... Any advice on where to get started?

Many thanks in advance!

All the Aquara Zigbee devices you should be able to reset and then pair directly to HE. People have mixed results with that brand as they do not always follow the zigbee standards. There are a lot of tips floating around for how to get them to play nice. See reply below below about using the M2 Hub with Matter. Newbie moving to Hubitat - #7 by JB10

Shelly has built in and 3rd party drivers, you add as virtual device then configure the IP.

Broadlink RM4 for sure has an integration, search the forums.

Ikea devices are Zigbee? If so they should pair directly. There are forum posts about the Ikea stuff.

Kasa and Tapo Wifi devices have a system integration for Kasa and community integration for Tapo, you might be able to get them both under the same integration depending on what TP Link protocol they are using.

Govee has a community integration, search.

Switchbot... I think is Wifi, search fourms I think there is a community integration

Google Nest - community integration search the forums (I have this stat integrated myself).

Amazon Echo / Fire TV what do you want to do with them? Search for Echo Speaks


I don't think these are ZigBee, unless I am mistaken. If they are the same mmWave sensors I have, I do not believe they can be paired directly to HE. I have mine connected to a HA instance, then use a Community developed app to bring them into HE.

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You are correct, it was my mistake :sweat_smile: thank you

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That’s great way to start thank you!! :blush:

The IKEA ones I’m not sure at the moment but I’ll check.

The echos/firetv, still not sure, will keep it for now until potential change to HomeKit.

I’ll keep searching on the forum to try to find the other community integrations.

Thanks again!


You'll want to install Hubitat Package Manager after you do some reading on the forum, it will allow you to install many of the community apps and drivers you'll want\need to integrate your devices to HE.

And this may be interesting\helpful for your IKEA devices.


Before you move the Zigbee devices directly to Hubitat, one thing you could try is connecting the M2 Hub via Matter. I'd look into [RELEASE] Matter Advanced Bridge (limited device support) and see if that meets your needs.


@N0phz Take a look at this. It will help with migration and avoiding some gotchas...