New Xiaomi Aqara Relay 2 channel

And after that it still doesn’t make sense? The IR device was a relay itself and needed a constant supply power. Power cycling one for the other would and sounds like it did, fry them.

Anyone know whether you could use one of these to control your garage door opening? I currently use a Sonoff 4ch which is great except that there is no device handler to get it working in Hubitat without doing firmware upgrades etc and I'm shying away from that atm.

See my post here and the one following it. These give mains voltages across their contacts, so if you’re not closing contacts to send mains voltages to a device, you need to add an extra relay or you will fry your garage door opener circuit.

But once isolated with a second relay, it’s fine for no voltage, or any voltage the attached relay is rated for. I arm and disarm my alarm system with one of these Xiaomi relays, and it never misses a beat.

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I, like other users, have experienced the relay not responding correctly when utilized with2 hardware wall toggle switches. It seems activating any ONE of the switches, activates BOTH circuits.
However when utilizing zigbee the channels do act independently

I need the wireing diagram for setting up a 2 way switch on the aqara relay. any help on the same would be appreciated.

You mean a 3-way (two switches)?

You can find it in this post

Why doesn't connect the external relay to 'N' and 'L1' but 'In' and 'L1‘?