New Xiaomi Aqara Relay 2 channel


(although I fear we're going slightly off at a tangent now)

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Keith is the OP. If he continues it off topic, it’s ok for us to do the same :+1:t2:

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Bingo! And it's not off topic because we're trying to determine ETL listing for any peace of mind.

And there is still no peace of mind as all of EigenStone's products appear to be just re-branded Aqara products. Same or nearly the same model numbers and everything.

ETL searches turned up nothing for the relay. Caveat emptor.


True. From these photos the quality looks OK. Companies don’t usually spend the money on more expensive components like the Panasonic relays and then skip out on the rest of it.

Many of the ads for Xiaomi products I’ve seen state that they have fire retardant plastic, which is important. It would be odd for them not to use it across the entire line. Even for products that are intended only for distribution in China.

But yes, by all means, let the buyer beware, I am not a certification body.

Officially you can’t get away with much in Aus these days AND if you import something yourself, you are liable !
We have our own requirements called RCM.

My favorite topic relating to Compliance is THIS

Then I plant a conspiracy seed, “but it’s a Chinese website” and sit back and watch the “oh my dog !”

Here is a good video review of the AQARA relay module, albeit in Spanish, but it should be clear enough. It also includes how to configure the device in HE.


Hi all,
I'm trying to find out if in fact I could buy this relay board and use it as dry run relays.
In case I could mod it to reach the goal if someone can confirm me it's possible, and how.
Many thanks!

From what I understand these units can not be setup to operate as dry contact relays.

Check this “good Repeaters” thread out though as a cheap unit I have could be modded to have a dry contact. Single contact though NOT dual.

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Further up in the thread, both @Rxich and I confirmed these are not dry contacts. You will get mains voltage across them.

New Xiaomi Aqara Relay 2 channel

However, I just added two 110v coil relays. Only cost $9 extra. The Xiaomi dual relay independently closes each of the 110v relays, and the contacts on those 110v relays become your dry contacts. I’m using mine to close the arm and disarm button contacts for a 3V DC alarm remote control.

Hello @njanda, thanks for the link, I'll check it!

@SmartHomePrimer, could you give me some more infos or share me some details about which coil relays to use and to wire? :slight_smile: Only to be sure!
(I know, we've to be careful about the voltage in use. Btw here I'm on 220V, means I should use a bigger coil relay?)

Thanks a lot!

Doesn’t have to be big, just rated for 220v ac.

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@xefil The coil needs to match the mains input I’m using 120v coils, because that’s my mains voltage here. I wrote 110v before because I assumed you were in the US and it confuses people sometimes if you write 120v, which is my actual input voltage here Canada. Some of us Americans think the world runs on 110 and 220v @60Hz :grimacing: We also think everywhere uses ZIP codes, when in fact, it is ONLY the US that uses them :crazy_face:

Hi, ok, I need 220V coils for my setup (italy). btw what about the wiring? :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Can you explain what you mean by “about the wiring”?

I mean how to connect it :slight_smile: taking a relay as example.

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You might be able to find something locally that will be smaller and more suitable to the particular application you have in mind. You'll be looking for something similar to this...

Outside of Italy, you may only find larger relays like this one online. They tend to get really big when they are 220~240v coils, becuase our typical North American applications to 220~240v involve motors with a large current draw. It took me some time just to find the sort of small 120v coil relays I used. Smaller is available, but the Omron I ordered are easier to work with because I can attached connectors to the terminals and they have tabs that allow me to secure them to something. This is what I bought, but obviously, it's the wrong relay for you because the coil is rate to my local voltage.

Hi, I have a problem connecting xiaomi relay with the ir switch, please help if it can be connected.
this is the switch, the switch needs power and it puts electricity on the bulb

It would make no sense to connect this IR switch to a Xiaomi relay. What is it you are trying to accomplish?

why does not make sense? the motion sensor controls the light, but I can always turn on/off the light manually. Unfortunately, when I tried to connect I burned the led power supply and xiaomi relay :cry: