New Xiaomi Aqara Relay 2 channel

Yes. Same driver as the double wall switch.

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@vjv And natively via Aqara Home app

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Can anybody describe what the behaviour is with local switches connected?

Based on the wiring diagram, I'd assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that each S1 / S2 input would control the respective output L1 / L2.

For me, this doesn't appear to be the case. I have four of these that behave the same way - with two standard toggle on / off switches, one connected to S1 and one connected to S2 I get the following:

(from perspective that OFF is the switch in the up position, i.e. Live not connected to the input, ON is the switch in the down position, i.e. Live connected to the input)

Turn On switch connected to S1 - both L1 and L2 turn on.
Turn Off switch connected to S1 - both L1 and L2 turn off.

Turn On switch connected to S1 - both L1 and L2 turn on.
Turn On switch connected to S2 - both L1 and L2 turn off.

Turn Off switch connected to S1 - both L1 and L2 turn off.
Turn Off switch connected to S2 - both L1 and L2 turn on.

For me it seems that the switches simply toggle the current states of the outputs - this works the same if they are controlled over ZigBee, i.e. turn both outputs on from Hubitat and the next operation on either switch will toggle them off.

Even funkier, if you turn on ONE output from Hubitat, the next physical switch change will toggle them opposite i.e. the output that was ON goes OFF, the output that was OFF goes ON.

Do you guys see the same?

Sounds like it’s setup to be used in a hall way or somewhere that you’d have 2 switches controlling 1 light.
Either switch can turn on or off the light (load)

Yeah would make sense if it were a single channel output device, but it's a two channel output device.

Both output channels work independently over ZigBee, just the switch inputs seem to toggle both channels, which isn't really what I'd expect.

Since I have four that do the same thing, I just wondered if others had the same problem as it hadn't been mentioned previously as far as I could see.

What happens if it is not paired to any hub at all (delete the device from Hubitat) - same behavior?

Ok, you’ve peaked my curiosity. I’ve got one still in the box. I’ll give it a try.

They’re independent. It’s designed for a sudo three-way setup between the Aqara hub and the switches. If I recall from this video, you can reverse the relays with the switch positions. Out of the box, sense 1 is actually controlling line 2, and sense 2 is controlling line 1. I only used a single switch and just moved it between contacts, but if I hooked up a second switch and paired it, I should be able to reverse that.

How’s your Russian? :joy: Seriously though, you don’t need to understand what is said to understand what is shown, but if you must, google translate is amazing at that. It can even translate the Chinese manual for you.

Here’s a direct link to the video (the two switch/app demo starts at 6:39)

Interesting. I do see this behavior with my setup, but brushed it off as caused by the motion sensor spotlight that one of the channels is connected to, but you're correct activating any one of the toggle switches, energizes both relays and turns on both lights, but zigbee is independent operation.

Curious, do you have 2 power supply lines coming into your box? Or are both switches sharing a single power in line?

Nice find on the video, I'd searched for videos and didn't come up with anything that explicitly demoed both switches.

Interesting they show the behaviour that you would expect, each switch controls each channel.

Not sure why mine behave differently then!

Will check that later, I still have a couple in the box sealed so will test with one of those. I hadn't unwrapped them yet as I figured 4 out of 4 was enough of a pattern, but guess you never can tell with Aqara stuff!

At the moment this is just on the bench for testing so all on the same Live / Neutral lines. Wired exactly as the wiring diagram.

I'm wondering if there's more to these than we've discovered so far, perhaps they are configurable in operation somehow.

The link at XIAOMI AqaraTwo-way Control Module Wireless Relay Controller For $19 seems to suggest that the "working mode" can be set .... it mentions DIP switches which these don't have, but maybe that's just a bad translation and it means they are settable via ZigBee.

Seems like there may be different versions of these out there, or perhaps earlier versions were buggy.

The ones I'd opened and tested before all had date code 06/2018 and older, those have the odd behaviour of either switch input controlling both load outputs in toggle fashion.

I just opened some newer ones, date code 12/2018 and later and those behave as expected, albeit the S1 input controls the L2 output and the S2 input controls the L1 output as was mentioned previously.

Mystery solved then? But it seems they still don't have the newest revision quite right, at least with the labeling of the contacts!

I think out of the box it doesn't matter to them what they do (odd choice of defaults, I agree), because if you're going to turn on a regular hardwired switch and make a light come on, you don't need a fancy relay :rofl:

The relay reaction to the switch appears from the video to be reversible by controlling it via the hub. So which switch controls which relay is not important I guess. Or maybe it's just a firmware bug :laughing: At some point I may connect mine to my Aqara hub and see if it offers a firmware update. But that won't help anyone without an Aqara hub, so there's little point to it.

Yeah, I mean that's pretty basic stuff to get wrong on both counts, they'll really need to up their game if they're intending to get ZigBee 3 certified and go more mainstream ..... and then there's CE and UL marking, I didn't see any evidence of that on any of the relays either.


From what you’ve said, I’d love to take a peak at their QC process then. :joy:

When they certify for North America, Xiaomi tends to use ETL which is completely fine. That’s a recognized certification organization in the US and Canada. UL and CSA are just different organizations to do the same thing in their respective countries. There’s also CUL which is UL certification for the United States and Canada. CE On the other hand is a self certification and means absolutely nothing as far as I’m concerned.

CQC or China Quality Certification, which is what’s on this relay that is intended only for the Chinese 50 Hz market :wink:, is voluntary, not compulsory, and again like CE really means nothing.

This is from the Aqara Hub box (Although it’s only the box that has that logo on it not the actual device :crazy_face:). So yeah, there are some discrepancies there they need to work on! :joy:

My bet is the hub is marked because it uses a PSU that carries those markings :slight_smile:

A long time ago I worked for a company developing casino equipment for worldwide use, things may have changed (?) but back then you could get away with anything if it was low voltage, as long as the PSU was CE, RoHS, etc!

Lumi United Technology has only two sets of ETL listing entries (which covers quite a range of products) according to my search on Intertek:

  1. Aqara Hub, model ZHWG11LM (UL Equivalent listing & CSA Equivalent listing)
  2. Aqara Smart Plug, Smart Wall Switch, and Mi Smart Plug - to many models to list here (UL Equivalent listing. & CAS equivalent listing)

The Aqara Relay (model LLKZMK11LM) is not listed, however. But I have seen some retailers listing the relay as a product of another manufacturer. If we knew their company name then we can search for an ETL listing.

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