New Xiaomi Aqara Relay 2 channel


Hey Folks, saw this and ordered one. If it repeats itmight be a good extended for our Xiaomi devices.

XIAOMI Aqara LLKZMK11LM Two-way Control Module Wireless Relay Controller 2 Channels

It's going for around 19.99-22.00, which isn't bad for a dual channel relay.
We would need a driver, and not sure if any of our devs have purchsed this yet, it was just released and hard to find outside of banggood or aliexpress. Seems a bit large to fit in the wall box, but i could use it in the middle of an extension cord. Once I get mine I'll post the fingerprint in the Xiaomi driver thread

Brand Aqara( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand )
Wireless Connections Zig-bee
Color White
Weight 50g
Size 49.3 x 46 x 24mm
Input Voltage 100-250V / 50Hz
Maximum Load 10A/2500W
Operating Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Working Humidity 5%~95%RH


Yes i ordered 2 of them because the have a 120 volt override to turn on from a switch too. hope i can get a driver going for it.



There you go:

More details: [Release] Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers


Hey Guyeeba

This is for the dual relay not wall switch ? Or is the same driver used on both ?



Yeah, they behave quite similarly, so I decided to expand my existing wall switch driver instead of writing a new one from scratch


Ok Cool give it a try when the show up.

Thanks Scott


Great, thank you. I'll let you know how it goes once my relays arrive.
I'm really hoping they are good repeaters for my xiaomi sensors


Me too but i needed a 2 channel relay with input override and this has it.



Any feedback on how good these devices are? I'm seriously looking at this and wondering if I can't port code from Hubitat to use with ST as well.


I'd be happy to give feedback, once that dam slow boat from China brings my relays.:joy:


Okay, got the relay and loaded the driver, thanks to @guyeeba.
However I can't control the relay at all. It is connected and logging info, just won't turn on or off from hubitat. Looks freaking awesome, power monitoring, temperature and 2 switch inputs.
Question-how difficult is it to add route info, like you did for the aqara door sensor? It's an indispensable resource when troubleshooting.
Here's the pairing info.

Nevermind I see the code for router, looks like device is not sending it to HE?

Uggggg- I'm such a dork, forgot to add child device driver, now it works perfectly.
Thank You Peter


Are you using them in 120V 60Hz ?

Could you add how you did this?



Yes, in good ol USA. 120 VOLT, 60hz.
I have not placed any load on it yet, just paired and tested control.
To pair you need to load guyeeba' s drivers. Both the one linked above and the generic child switch, both found in his GitHub. Works great so far, tomorrow I will wire up some lights and then a fan. I don't anticipate any issues. After you pair the device and click create children, it will look like this (PS these children never need ridiculously expensive college)


Great, thanks!


lol. I just realized how funny it is...

Only end devices (contact sensor, buttons, temperature sensors...) send their parent router ID, and this relay is a router. The code in the DTH is just a side effect of a copy-paste. :slight_smile:

I'm glad it works for you.


Yes working fantastic, thank you again Peter


Okay, I tried this aqara Dual relay just now. Tried a great value LED bulb (Walmart brand) a lasko wind machine fan on all 3 speeds, and the mother of all loads, the blow dryer ON HIGH SPEED.
pulled 1600 Watts through this relay with zero issues. The relay did not get at all warm, and controlled all loads perfectly.
Tagging @veeceeoh as he was wondering about how bad it Hertz, and the 50 hz rating did not affect any devices I tested. This relay is solid and is a zigbee repeater. Time will tell if it's a good repeater for xiaomi devices. The power rating in the device page is an overall one, you can't monitor each of the relays individually, at least not with the driver I'm using. Probably a device limitation.
Here's a screenshot with blow dryer running. Power looks good, but energy is wacked, unless it's some crazy units I don't understand. Oh and the temperature, it's so cold here I have booger icicles -JK the temperature is actually 70 here, so not sure where -8 comes from in the pic below


I've just found a coupon to bring the price of this Aqara relay down to $17.99 on Bang good.

Put this in your cart: Xiaomi Aqara LLKZMK11LM Two-way Control Module

Then use coupon code (in the check out page): BG1855M


Thanks! Not bad considering it’s capabilities.


Do you happen to know if these are isolated dry contacts? Can you measure any voltage leaks across the contacts? Was going to use HubDuino, but if the contacts are isolated dry, I might just use this to trigger one of my iSmart Alarm fobs to give me direct, local Arm/Disarm capability.