New Iris Motion Sensor? Version / Generation 3?


Anybody familiar with this iris motion sensor. Definitely NOT gen 1 or 2.
Anybody have one of these (new ?? ) beasties, and do they work with HE / ST?


Iris Motion Sensor


That's a damn good question, I "suspect" it will work, though unlikely to pair with the correct driver.
I'm not finding this in their site though, guess I'll have a trip to Lowes today...


Pic was taken (approx. 2 weeks ago) in the Bellingham, WA Lowes, where they had "many"



Bellingham WA, not exactly the HA capitol of the universe LOL...


hey hey hey.. that's my home town.. lol..


I kayak'd a nice river up there in Bellingham (many moons ago) - a friend worked for NOLS up there.


With that code on the back, I wonder if they're not ZigBee 3.0. But I did notice other packaging that looks like this no longer mentions ZigBee, leaving "CentraLite" as the only clue that they might work (does this one say that? Doesn't look like a CentraLite model number, but I guess even Samsung's new sensors don't use them anymore so maybe they've fallen out of favor...).

Seems weird that they would do this when the "L2" models were just quietly released very recently, but if they work as well as the v2 (and "2.1") models did and cost the same, I won't care. :slight_smile:


FCC filing shows its Zigbee and its manual says its Zigbee as well.


Specs on website shows it uses CR123A battery-- quite a capacity increase vs. the CR2 used in the 3326.


I see from comparing the old vs. new specs that the old sensor claims to have a 120-degree field of view with a 130-ft. range, whereas the new one claims 100 degrees with 15 ft. The range of the former almost makes it seem overly sensitive, though I've never had any problems with them inside. The smaller angle isn't too surprising given that the lens on the new one appears to be slightly more recessed into the sensor body (which also seems a tad wider though I didn't compare measurements--it's likely the case if these take a CR123A considering v2 was barely wider than the CR2 it took, which I've also never had a battery-life problem with except the one that contained battery-eating manufacturing defect.)

I see they're listed for the same price, and my Lowe's claims to have one in stock, but I can only justify buying so many more motion sensors before I become a crazy person. :slight_smile: I guess I'll have to wait and see how well others report these to work! The v2 sensors were always my go-to variety. If these don't work out well, the 2018 Samsung ST Motion Sensor looks pretty good and seems to be working well for me so far, plus it includes an adjustable magnetic mount (albeit one that makes the whole thing quite large; Iris v2 are tiny).

Lowe’s Clearance Sale including some Iris devices
Motion sensor recommendations

I have 2, they both work exactly as the v2's did.

My massive Zigbe network is now 5 devices. 4 of those Iris motion sensors (2 v2 and 2 v(new) ) and one peanut plug. :slight_smile:

I mentioned in a different thread that my Lowes had none left, and I suspected there would be a product refresh. For MY store, that seems to have been true. Suddenly they have some stock and it's all this new packaging.


Did you happen to get the complete fingerprint for these?, presumably they didn't pair as generic zigbee motion sensors...


I'll get it in a few minutes, I'm rebooting that hub this minute. :slight_smile:

Not Centralite. The box says:
Distributed by Great Star Industrial USA, LLC Hunersville, NC 28078 Made in China

Manufacturer: iMagic by GreatStar
Product Name: Device
Model Number: 1117-S
deviceTypeId: 15
manufacturer:iMagic by GreatStar
endpoints.01.manufacturer:iMagic by GreatStar

It uses a CR123A battery, which I think is different, BUT is the same as my houseful of Aeon Multisensor 6's.


And this works properly with the generic zigbee motion driver correct?, if so I'll get this added.




Pic with banana for scale? It looks so similar in size to gen2, but I know it can't be.


Sorry about the tiny drop of water on the new sensor.. I dropped it twice into a sink... it's pretty small and I didn't notice it as I held it over my head, balanced on the end of a pencil. :slight_smile:


One thing I really appreciate about the v2’s is the ability to change the battery without pulling the sensor off the wall.


I had some Ball Sockets made for these, because the Aeon Multisensor6 comes with one.

Center hole in the socket. I nail it to the wall and then just pull the sensor.. the ball pops out of the socket and changing the battery/re-pairing is a breeze.