New Aqara Zigbee 3.0 occupancy sensor (FP1) looks interesting

….assuming it can be encouraged to stay on the mesh long enough :rofl:


Looking forward to trying this when it comes out! Would be very useful in the living room!


Agree, when (if) it comes to North America, I’m interested too. If it’s zigbee 3.0, it should be much less of a PITA than the earlier generations of non-standard zigbee aqara devices.

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Hard pass unless the safety of this is reviewed by governments in US and or Canada. Not enough research on the long term, close exposure of mmWave and its effects on our bodies from heating of eyes and skin.


Isn’t this similar to what airport scanners and 802.11ad WiFi networks use?

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Yes. I’ve never allowed them to use one on me or my family. We always say “I opt-out”. The delay is never that long.

I understand. But IMO, over a lifetime there’s probably more risk from the cumulative dose of solar radiation we get while flying at 30,000 feet, or from getting bad sunburns at the beach.

It’s different than ionizing radiation, and that may very well be a true statement, but unlike the other types of radiation that have massive amounts of research over long periods of time, there’s very little around mmWave. NYU has done some to date. Measuring the effects has been a challenge so far.


My mantra is to let those who want to, be the guinea pigs...


Sorry! Couldn't resist.



Lol. Too late. Change that 5 to a 6 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Or if you are a hobbiest, there are a number of cheap uwb sensors out there that can be hubduino-ed.

First real review I've seen. Colour me interested


Supported by zigbee2mqtt, but I can't find one for sale anywhere .....

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Ya.. same. He did mention it was only available in china and even then would only show up for a few moments on aliexpress so you had to be quick.

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late too party - i need to replace my zigbee motion sensors (lowes ones). watching this closely

This is a game changer, lights turning off seconds after leaving rooms or lights staying on when sitting still are my last unsolved smart home issues


Why is that?

2 of them have died. and i can't seem to find them anywhere.

They were the centralite ones. Discontinued a few years back. What was out there was on ebay but you cant find them anymore.

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