Nest Integration [Limited Release]



Nest presence detection by the Protect devices is only used by the thermostat via 802.15.4 LR-WPAN
on a Zigbee chip. It is recorded in the nest cloud, but only uploaded once per day.

Announcements are not possible with the Nest Protect. Those messages you do hear are fixed in the firmware. However, if you want to make announcements in your home, you can use Google Assistant Relay to announce on Google Home devices via TTS. The announcements will be made via the default voice you have selected in the Google Assistant app. You can also control any device or trigger any routine setup in Google Assistant, with or without response. There is also some good progress in using Alexa devices for TTS and to trigger routines and you can expect to see official capabilities to do this via the Alexa Skill in the near future.


Hey everyone - I know it is beyond your control but has there been any word on increasing the # of users? Sadly came late to the Hubitat party and am left a little wanting in that regard.. :sob:


Just depends on Nest, hubitat can't do anything about this


I had hoped that the release of their latest stat and their App update, was the queue that they were open for business again. Sadly not it seems :frowning:


One question - When I added Nest Integration via Tonesto to SmartThings I had to create a developer account with Google. Is it possible to use this for the integration on Hubitat?


I was wondering if this was possible as well? (although do you mean a developer account with Nest rather than Google?)


Yes - the nest one! :grin:


I don’t know if this still works, and it is thermostat only...


If there were some way to provide the app with our Nest Dev ID and Token - it should just work right? As long as your account has enough user allocations whatever they are called -I have like 47 left or something.

Or are there additional things that need to happen?


Yes, NST-Manager eventually went the direction of requiring users to obtain and enter their own tokens. A minor hassle, but perhaps a reasonable workaround while stuck?



Since we are not sure when Google/Nest will open things up for HE and I really want Nest integration with HE right now I was hoping that maybe the HE crew could figure out a way to let us enter our own credentials at least in the interim. Maybe there are technical issues with this I dunno.


Any updates? Really need to set this up for my Nest Cam?



Can anyone confirm if this would allow the use of external geo-fencing to improve the home/away asist?

Currently I'm looking at either Nest or Tado thermostats for a 9-zone UFH with Air Source heat pump system with a very varied schedule across 2 people. Leaning towards the Tado for their software and ability to do accurate geo for varied schedule but vastly prefer the visual of Nest so wondered if this will correct that shortcoming?

I want to be able to take a photo/photo's captured by Hello or Nest Cams to the use for FR/ANPR to pass to a gate controller using Sighthound API - will this help with managing that process?
Would this expose the IQ elements already built in to be able to use their Facial Tech directly?


Is there an update on the current status of Nest integration approval?


Unfortunately we are still waiting on Nest. Our original submission was kicked back to us with a couple changes required. We have since made those change but have not been able to submit due to this message:

We have reached out to them to find out what "a few weeks" means, but have not heard back.

We are looking into other ways that we can get people using the Nest integration until they are live again.

[SOLVED] Unable to add Nest Integration App
Nest Integration
Nest Integration

Anyone know the answer to this? Needing to order the stat's in the next day or so.


You can used the app to log when you home/ away using GPS. Then the integration can create a virtual presence device which you could use but the last time i used nest for home/away assist i didnt rate it but this was at least a year ago. I now do it the other way round so use my other presence devices to send nest into home/ away and have turned it off in the app.


I have a slow warmup system (with AirPump) so need the system to learn well around how long it takes to heat up, but factor in weather and sunshine as have a south facing house with lots of windows.

Does that sound like something Nest will do? As seems to be Tado’s speciality but then I do much prefer the look of the Nests


I have a old house that used to take ages to warm up, nest knows this now and starts the warm up slowly before I need it. So yes, this is something that the nest does along with other learning stuff. I also use the opentherm connection which you get with nest, which I think makes a big difference. As now the house is always at a nice temperature whereas before with just a switch ON/OFF it would be to hot or too cold. You do need a open protocol OpenTherm boiler connection to use this but if you dont again nest has a augartithum to simulate this but its obviously not as good as talking to the boiler directly though OpenTherm.


Any Nest Intergeation yet? I simply want to control my NestCam (on/off). If that’s not possible simply change the Nest Mode.