Nest Integration [Limited Release]



Everyone is waiting for nest to do their thing. The intrigration is there and if you were one of the lucky ones that got in early then the intrigration works great :slight_smile: . But until nest clear their back log unfortunately everyone else has to wait :frowning:


Really can’t believe Nest are doing this to us, especially when we’re fast approaching winter :rage:


Is there any 3rd party Nest App we can use in the mean time (and use our own API info). Like NestManager on ST?

And I agree - Nest has gone downhill. I would do Unifi Video if I could start over. But two locations with 10 Protects, 12 Cams, and 6 Thermostats makes it difficult to leave the ecosystem.


Can't you guys use IFTTT as a go between for now? I don't have any Nest products so not sure what requirements are but IFTTT appears to talk to both Nest and Hubitat.


I'm one of the "lucky" ones to have Nest integration, honestly, I don't use it, Nest was already programmed itself and I have Google Home so if I need to change something I just use Google.

For what is needed this integration? Maybe I'm missing the good part

Thinking more, yes I use it, just for Sharptools display...


3 things - information access, flexibility, and integrated HE control.

For me it was not a critical part of my ST migration.. I had used it for the weather station and temp sensing - I have certain areas of the house that heat/cool unevenly and was using it along with a separate temperature device to trigger some rules. I have Protects and an 2 older (2nd Gen) Nests. The weather station app has now been replaced by @bangali's excellent device..

The key is since I already have the Nest system in place it would be nice to integrate functionality into HE for rules/triggers and also a dashboard with controls like manually raising/lowering temps etc.

Some features I'm interested in are motion/presence sensing, alert triggering, changing temps or setting home/away under certain conditions - though I prefer to use Nest' logic for the most part it's been great for us over the past couple of years.

I have some in floor radiant heating where I am using a Z-Wave thermostat but the temp settings on that are relatively binary - either on or off, generally leaving the temp set at a certain temp all the time.


For everyone waiting for Nest to do their thing, don't forget about @jason0x43 excellent app and driver that we all used before the official integration.


Is it possible to set a rule that when the mode or security state changes to away it can change the virtual Nest presence device presence to Away and Home when in a home mode? I can and do currently do this in WC but i'm trying to move any simple stuff where possible to RM. I think its not exposed in RM currently?

Edit: worked it out that's what custom commands are for :slight_smile:


Ah was just looking, and also found that. Neat!! :wink:


Is it possible for Hubitat to change the Nest Mode (Home/Away)? If so, how can I set this up?


Yes, using the Nest Thermostat Device’s “Away” and “Present” commands. I just tested those commands and they work as expected. In RM you might have to create custom commands to be able to execute these.


I don't have a Nest Thermostat. Have a Nest Cam, is it possible?


HaHa... I don’t have Nest Cams, just Thermostats...


Would you be able to share a screenshot of your RM setup? What do I select to access the home/away? Thanks


I don’t have a RM rule for this. I just know that any command a device has, RM can execute it (using RM’s Custom Commands feature if necessary.)

Does your Nest Camera Device page show the “Away” and “Present” Commands?


I don't unfortunately.


It fails when I try to "Allow" Hubitat permission (step 3). I can hit Allow all day long and it will just blink at me.


Are you using you're own Nest Developer Credentials?


I was using my standard Nest credentials. I don't have a developers account.


So that will not work unfortunately. Google has yet to approve of more users for HE's Nest integration. On SmartThings you could use Tonesto7's NST Manager BUT the trick was you had to set up a developer account in order to generate a token.. here is a link to that doc.

I'm not sure Google is accepting any new developer accounts but you can try. When following those instructions be sure to use "" for the default OAuth Redirect URI instead of the smartthings one.