Mimolite garage door device driver

It’s the door timer! I changed the preferences to 10sec for door full open / close and it works.

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well that is odd I will dig into it and figure out why it is not working correctly.
Thanks for your help tracking it down!
20 seconds should work as well now

Just changed all of my doors, that was definitely the fix. Not sure why though. Thanks for all your help and please keep me posted.

updated the mimolite 3/03/2020 DH and fixed the door timer bug just left the name as version 3/03/2020 DH
thanks @jesse.fetterman

I found a small bug in the refresh for some reason I commented out one of the commands.
Instead of just pushing out a minor fix and after watching @adamkempenich Coding with the Community.
I added a settable auto refresh and auto door close.
These are both disabled by default and the refresh I limited to a maximum of every 15 minutes which in my opinion is still to much (maybe every hour) I do not think auto refresh is really needed but I give people that option.
Both auto refresh and auto close can be created using a simple RM rule but this makes it simple for new people and auto close is a handy backup if for some reason your RM rule does not fire.
note: auto close is like a basic rule after a set time the door will close.
So if you have a bunch of motion sensors in your garage and a rule that says do not close garage door if there is motion. The auto close in the DH will still close your garage after X amount of time. So think of it as simply a backup.

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  • 05-01-2020 :
  • fixed an error in parsing
  • made auto close recurring(note: runEvery cmd time is not accurate more like run every less than) previously auto close would only fire once and stop now it will keep trying until the door is closed. So if you are working in your garage and tripped the sensor eye to stop the garage door going closed it will try again later until closed successfully.
  • fixed a bug with manually opening door and auto close not firing.
  • fixed the lock function not appearing on dashboard correctly.

mimolite garage door DH
06-22-2020 : added automatic secondary door state check using the door timer and refresh

Added some more logic after door is fully opened or closed to ensure the door does not get out of sequence.
Also added an optional refresh after door is fully opened or closed. Testing it on one door and off on another and so far haven't seen much benefit but left it in the code as an option.
(note: it does not use the refresh if door manually opened or closed)

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I was previously using your code that was called "MIMOlite Garage Door Controller refresh" and just switched to this one since it's far newer. Does this updated code here not update if the door is operated manually (i.e. using the clicker)?

I noticed that my door said "Contact: Open" but also "Door: Closed". I am not sure how those two states can exist at once.

It should mine updates fine.
Have you tried selecting configure just to make sure all the settings are correct?
I just double checked and tested with the latest hub firmware and everything is still correct.
What settings are you using?
I will see if I can replicate the issue.

I'll try again later, sometimes my open/close magnet sensor can be a bit unreliable. The weirdest part though was it saying the contact was open, but door closed.

I just tried it with your settings and everything was normal.
The full open or closed for the door should appear 20 seconds after the contact opens or closes.
Only other thing I can think of is your hub slowing down (longer than normal lag to go back and forth between the device and app pages)?
I have one old C3 hub that slows down and crashes nightly and things do not work correctly when it slows down.

Just a small update so debug logging will automatically turn off after 30 minutes to try and keep the load on the hub down.

mimolite garage door DH
06-22-2020 : added timed log debug off

Well I was wrong about auto refresh not having a use.
I have been able to replicate the Mimolite SIG1 (magnetic dry contact) not always reporting open.
It appears only to happen after the door is opened manually such as from the garage door wall switch.
It is not a Hub or DH issue.
It appears to be a Fortezz Mimolite hardware issue.
Looks like after a few days (mine are 2-3 years old) static builds up and SIG1 (dry contact) does not always send an open status when manually opened.
Operating the door only from HUB the Mimolite works correctly (due to the DH checking contact state).
There are a few ways to deal with it.
Unplugging the Mimolite discharges the static and the SIG1 reports normally for a few days.
or sending a secureCmd(zwave.sensorBinaryV1.sensorBinaryGet()) gets the correct state of the SIG1(dry contact).
I have secureCmd(zwave.sensorBinaryV1.sensorBinaryGet()) as part of the custom DH Refresh command.
In the custom DH you can set auto refresh and it will update the SIG1 (dry contact) state repeatedly (not ideal but works).
Instead of repeatedly refreshing you can put a GE Zwave plus motion switch near the Garage door wall switch and create a RM rule to have it refresh the Mimolite when motion is sensed or you can put a smart plug on the Mimolite and create a RM rule to have it cycle the power once a day.

This has given me an excuse to order a Mimo2 I will replace the Mimolite and take a look at the Mimolite circuits to see if there is a better hardware mod way of discharging the circuit.

mimolite garage door DH
01-01-2021 : added additional auto refresh time options to compensate for faulty SIG1 magnetic dry contact

@mike.maxwell the Hubitat stock Fortezz Mimolite DH is missing secureCmd(zwave.sensorBinaryV1.sensorBinaryGet()) in it's Refresh command

Have you had any problems with this device handler after the latest update,

The only way I can get my Mimolite to function now is the actual change the device type to Fortrezz Mimolite, which does work but doesn’t show up correct on the Hubitat dashboards. I should have learned long by now, if it works don’t update!

I am having issues since the last update also. Garage door is randomly opening on it's own. Still troubleshooting.

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Sorry I was not paying attention to the thread title.
I have changed out both my mimolite's to Shelly1's.
I found the mimolite's circuits appear to start failing after a 1-2 years of use and may start to randomly trigger or not trigger.
I saw a similar circuit issue on my old GO control garage door opener after a few years as well.
Will see how long the Shelly1 works but so far they have been far more reliable.

Does anyone know how to use the standard Fortrezz Mimolite device type, which works perfectly, and get it to work as a garage door of Hubitat dashboard? This would salve the problem.

This is working great with both of mine.

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Of my 2 mimolites one was having the issues described. I had 2 Shelly1 sitting on a shelf so I tried one and liked it so much I just switched the other working one out.

Prior to swapping out my mimolites when the problem mimolite was randomly triggering to fix it for awhile I just had to unplug the power and plug it back in. I actually put a smart plug on the problem mimolite and created a rule to have it power cycle I think once a week (it's been awhile) and that seemed to fix the issue for me.
But I would try power cycling the mimolite manually first to see if that fixes your problem.

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