Help: Garage Door close if no motion depending on mode

I bought 2 Mimolites and have 2 magnetic contact switches on the the doors.
The Mimos are in momentary switch mode.

I thought creating a Rule to handle putting the doors down if there's motion would be simple. However, I am not getting anywhere. I would appreciate anyone providing insight on what I need to change in the rule to achieve the following:

If Mode = A,B,C,D close any opened garage door after A1,B1,C1,D1 minutes from the time of last detected motion...

Here's what I have cobbled together:

I also read about virtual garage doors, garage door user app code to install, etc... Is there a best practice to setup garage door control with generic device like a MimoLite in Hubitat? Sure seems like a good built-in app to include, "Garage Door Manager".

Many thanks in advance.

Perhaps use the Motion changed as your trigger.

Cancel delays
If doors open and motion inactive
     wait per more mode
     close door

If I understand what you want

Thank you!

I took your lead and that works.

I added the ability to keep trying to close the doors if something is blocking it. It too appears to work. Is the method I choose the correct way to achieve such an action?

Finally, what would be the best way to say try to put the door down 5 times, then if not successful, report the failure (maybe via a notification)?

Here's what I have that's working thus far:

Thanks again!

You can set your repeat for a number of repeats, so 5.

Then at the end just add if either door open send message.

Just a note (yeah, I'm that paranoid guy... :wink: ) that any time you automate closing a garage door there is potential danger in that automation...make sure family and maybe even neighbors (if they are close by enough) are aware your door may shut automatically and the type of warning it will give before it closes.

I was playing w/my garage door open/close commands to troubleshoot something when I was first setting things up, and I freaked my son out when the door started closing when he was standing near it - I had no idea he was out there at the time.

Thank you! Got it all working as desired.

Here's the Rule in case others come across this wanting the final result:

mimolite garage door DH

you also might want to install the built in app "zone motion controller" and create a garage motion zone.

I only have 1 motion detector in the garage. Is there a benefit to the Zone motion app to enhance even a single detector?

Sorry misread your rule I thought there were 2.
No benefit to using zone motion app

This rule has been seemingly working fine for about a year until yesterday when the door unexpectantly went down despite motion being present.

I watched the log and see once the rule reaches the Delay per Mode section, no further triggers by motion changing cancels the delayed actions and restarts the delay to put the doors down. I checked the motion timeout on the devices and it's low, 5 seconds, so I would think more motion would re-trigger this rule.

Can someone point to why no subsequent motion re-triggers the rule / cancels the delay per mode?

Here's the current rule: