List all temps?

Is there some way to have a dashboard that lists all temps for devices that report that? I'm sure I can inspect every one of my 60+ devices, list out the ones that support it, and then add them to a dashboard. Just trying to find a way to automate it.

Take a look at Tile Master. You'll need a couple tiles for that many device, but it should work.

Oh wait you want it to find the devices for you? No dashboard won't do that. You would need and app or find them yourself and assign them to a tile for reporting.

Kind of what I expected. I found what I'm looking for in the InfluxDB logger. Easy to pick the temp sensors and then send them to Grafana.



Here’s an example using InfluxDB logger and Grafana.


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on my project list :wink:

You can also use the Dashboard Builder feature to select just Temperature tiles. Similar process to my battery dashboard, but the CSS would need tweaking --the temp values seem to have a different ID. Granted, the Grafana solution is very nice looking.

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You may also be interested in my post on the show off your dashboards thread here, essentially what you have worked out already, a combination of Influxdb, Grafana and tile master for an iframe.


Hubigraphs has a heat map now that can do it (and put it in one tile)