Konnected "Smart Garage Door Opener"?

Has anyone integrated the Konnected "Smart Garage Door Opener" $69 with Hubitat?
Wondering if it could be installed in parallel with MyQ until a full app is developed for Hubitat?
IE. use Konnected garage door sensor to tell MyQ to close, say in an hour.
We know the problem with MyQ is the need for an open/close status sensor since MyQ refuses to let us have access to their door sensor.
Rather than spend $45 for door trip sensor why not toss my MyQ in the garbage and install the new $69 Smart Garage Door Opener?
Smart Garage Door Opener – Konnected
I already have Konnected alarm board integrated with Hubitat.

I have never used this product nor heard of it before your post but reading the description its basically a dry contact relay similar to the Zooz Zen16/17 that many of us are using to automate our garage doors and other components. With MyQ security you will not be able to hook up the wires directly to this device.

As mentioned in the above Konnected article...
The Garadget Wired Dry Contact Adapter or the wireless version will make this work where you will connect the speaker looking wire to this relay.

A Zen16 or Zen17 is the much smarter play here (and significantly less expensive too!)

ETA - when applicable, a Garadget would still be required with a Zen16/17 too

Thanks, yah read page after page of how to use MyQ with hubitat.
Yes agree with your ways to do it without MyQ.
Since the Ecolink door tilt is now $48 and with the cost of Zooz is more than the cost of the new Konnected Smart garage door opener, thought I would use it. Konnected claims they will have it eventually integrated with hubitat along with my already integrated Konneted alarm system to hubitat. Was hopping to come up with a way to have Konnected garage door work in parallel with MyQ to be able to sense open/close until Konnected is fully integrated. hi hi
Again, thanks

I don't know why you'd need either the $69 Konnected product or a $45 sensor.

Configure one of your existing Konnected zones as a momentary switch. Get a cheap wired contact sensor for a few bucks and configured that zone as an open/close sensor. If you cannot find a good place where the moving part of the door has a place to mount it, then maybe a tilt sensor. Either use an existing GDO app or write a little rule in RM to handle it.

I'm a big fan of the Tailwind sensor kit. Mounting position gives the best motion to sensing relationship (Edit: At least on my North American multi-panel style doors. :thinking: ).

You guys are great! lots of experience here thanks.
New house builders do not put any wire in anymore. They think the whole world is all WiFi.
Hal9000 your solution is great, but new house, no wires. Would need a zwave or zigbee tilt sensor or contact. They are over $45 each now on amazon. RM will do the job either way. hi hi

Gotcha. I made the assumption that if you were using Konnected already, you had some wiring in place. Or perhaps could locate a Konnected board in the garage where wiring would be minimal.

All my contact sensors cost just a few dollars each but that was an eBay deal from several years ago. Still, I wouldn't pay more than $15-$20 for a contact sensor. Perhaps that $45 you are seeing on Amazon in for the Aqara? That's a pack of three. Even the Zooz tilt sensor is $29.95.

The ecolink tilt sensor is all over ebay for around $20 if that helps. The zooz zen-16 is on thesmartesthouse.com for only $20 so your all in would be about 40 bux.


Great shoppers! thanks

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The (solid-state) Zooz ZSE43 tilt sensor is 17.95 right now at SmartestHouse.

Ack, sorry Rick - meant to reply to OP

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Ordered two Ecolink zwave tilt sensor from ebay! total with shipping $31.40

Now to make it work with MyQ lite

It will be seperate from my q lite. You will trigger my q lite or opening closing but status will come from the sensors...

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Agree. I don’t have Konnected (had ordered their security interface but went with Envisalink for my pre-existing DSC system) but the principle is the same. Since I already had a 64 zone system, I went with this (as referenced in another post):
magnetic sensor system that was specifically designed for overhead garage doors. It is very sturdy and strong with a 2” operating gap:

This is how I have it installed on my garage door:

If you want to get away from MyQ:

Point is, there are a multitude of ways to achieve what you want with minimal cost depending upon what parts you already have available and your comfort level with “making stuff”, LOL:

Have fun with it! That is the beauty of HE.

OPS figured it out!
Yes, use MQ Garage door by Dominick Meglio.

Ignore the following figured it out:
I have HPM installed.
How to use HPM to installing MyQ lite ?
Do I use the "tag" selection?
MyQ lite not there; what is
It that the right selection?
Do I need to find a selection that sayd NO sensors? Since using zwave tilt?
After using HPM Know I need to go to step 10 in Gihub for the app.

MyQ is a real pain. Still trying to use what I have.

Used HPM to install myq ok
Add User App ok
MyQ lite configured to Dashboard ok
Garage door device can be selected to add a tile.
Tile selected is Garage Door control

The Tile DOES NOT show either closed or open?
Since I picked "No Sensor" during install?

Installed zwave tilt sensor ok - it works ok on the dash board.

The "Garage Door Tile" does nothing - just shows a question mark!

What am I doing wrong?

MyQ Lite app is not talking to Dashboard (hubitat)
MyQ Lite install ok with my USERID and Password.

Well, quite honestly, I think it might be that you forgot this ...

There are many of us who used MyQ at one time until we said screw it, and cobbled together a local solution that works perfectly.

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It' not reading the tilt sensor. Put that into the integration

Is there a way to use HPM with a sensor?
HPM only has the option of NO sensor.
Would I be able to remove the no sensor from MyQ Lite app and add a sensor there?
Note: I want to make this work since have MyQ in two daughters houses that have no close by wire in place to create the NO MyQ app option.

Reading through the thread of alternatives to MyQ may inspire plenty of ideas. For example, connect one of these to one of your Konnected zones configured as momentary contact switch. No wiring connections to garage door opener required, and the Konnected board could be practically anywhere in your house (unless you have a really big house).