Cutting out MyQ cloud from Garage Door control

Thanks @jeffjangell. Soon after I did the project and writeup, @Ranchitat found a company that was doing a similar conversion (albeit without all the bells and whistles I put into mine) which they were selling commercially.

The NFC is using the iPhone, I understand it is even easier with an Android phone, but I am not using presence (although I am sure presence can be easily incorporated for automatic opening if you so desire…I do not for the reason below). I prefer not to use iPhone presence as some threads have found it to be sometimes hit or miss and leaving my garage door open inadvertently is not something I wish to risk.

Rather, my NFC chip in the car (“hidden” in plain sight) just needs to be in close proximity to my phone to open the door. I prefer this since I always take my phone with me (and never leave it in the car), I do not risk having someone break into my car to steal a dedicated garage door fob/remote that they can then use with the vehicle registration paperwork to go to my home later to break in by opening the garage door with a remote (they would have had to have stolen my phone as well).

Even though @Ranchitat pointed out that a commercial version of the converted garage door switch is available, like many in this community I like to tinker and as a hobbyist, there is a bit of satisfaction of figuring out how things work (I am a fan of Richard P. Feynman) and doing it yourself. Plus, it was less expensive to do it myself as I already had many of the parts, lol.

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@moh Another option would have been either a zen-16 or 17 or a MHCozy dual relay (if you want zigbee) as well a security 2.0 to dry contact and ecolink tilt sensor. It will run in parallel with your oem controls.


I think I get it now...

Two wires from the remote control to the shelly device
Two wires from power supply to the shelly device
Hubitat sends signal to the Shelly device to open the garage door - Shelly device receives the signal and activates the Garage Remote Control...Same is true for open or close.

How does this device confirm if the garage door is open or closed or do you still need the tilt sensor for that?

Also, why the shelly instead of say a Zooz Wave Relay?

I have my Hubitat monitor all points of access (window and door open/closed status) through my security system (a DSC security system panel) so garage door status is done via a magnetic contact sensor rather than a tilt sensor. My integration is done via the Envisalink Integration. There are several threads on why security functions are best done via purpose built UL approved systems and while Hubitat can be used to monitor security, it should NOT be relied upon as a security system (much like it should not be used as a sole means to provide other life critical functions such as smoke and fire detection).

This magnetic sensor is one that is made specifically for monitoring garage doors (a thread search in this community regarding garage door systems will point to some photos of this sensor and my set up). It is a wired sensor that has a particularly wide gap due to its powerful magnet as it is purpose built for this application. Although it is a wired sensor, as it is a simple magnetic contact sensor, it can also be wired to trigger a wireless sensor to send a signal to Hubitat if desired.

I just happened to have some Shellys laying around and because one of my wifi access points (mesh system) is in a security closet right next to the garage, it was more reliable than a zigbee or zwave contact relay which was much further away and several walls away from my Hubitat hub. Also, I could hard wire my Shelly to a power source in my garage attic space and not have to worry about changing batteries.

@jeffjangell, hope this answers your questions. As @rlithgow1 ‘s suggestion states, there are many ways to do this with various relays and sensors, my way is just one of many options and YMMV. I just wanted to share as I have received so much help myself from this community.

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Many thanks!!!

Not to beat a dead horse but for the sake of completeness, this is the thread which references the type of magnetic contact sensor I utilized:

Please note, per the thread, I did NOT use the Konnected system but offered my solution as an alternative (and posted pictures of the contact sensor I used).

Like you I want to use Konnected instead of MyQ.
But not implementation yet with Hubitat even though they said originally coming soon.
Ordered two but decided to return them until they are implemented.
Have MyQ installed in two garage doors with Genie door openers that works good.
Installed MyQ with HPM.

Installed two zwave tilt sensors.
Used a Rule to close both in an hour if open

Worked with Hubitat and MyQ for about 6 months then stopped a few weeks ago.
MyQ keeps screwing with their cloud implementation to keep us out.
My Konnected stuff works. Wonder what the holdup is for them working with Hubitat ?

Have not tried to use the advice the following guys did to have theirs work again.

MQ Lite Stopped Working - :gear: Custom Apps and Drivers / Custom Drivers - Hubitat

Done with MyQ.

Why wait for konnected. You can use a zen 16 or 17 or and mhcozy if you want zigbee :slight_smile:

That's why MyQ does not work!

Suggest updating the code to get the doors working while you move forward with getting things local.

rlithgow1 YES moving that way. thanks for you help
arnb may try it while I wire up the local fix. I already use Mhcozy for landscape watering


@moh Thank you very much for this write-up! I have two garage openers. One was the easy dumb kind where I could simply attach a Shelly 1 to two of the screw terminals, and the other has the exact same button as yours. Even with my rudimentary soldering skills I was able to attach doorbell wires to the button to then connect to a Shelly 1.

I sent my wire through the wall so I didn't need a case as you've made. One thing I had to do with my wires to solder them to the board was create a fish hook shape to then send the wires towards the middle of the board, this then allowed me to bend the wires around the board to the rear of the case so that I could send them directly into the wall.

Thanks again! Your post was a lifesaver!

@Knowcontrol ,
Welcome to the community. I’m so glad that my write-up was of assistance. The beauty of this community is how much so many members are actively pitching in to share and help problem-solve. I just wanted to do my humble part in trying to “pay-it-forward” for all the times I have received help from the members. Thank you for your feedback. It makes it all worthwhile to try to help (it makes me feel good when someone can actually benefit).


Now that Chamberlain is officially shutting down their "open" API, is there any hope for support of the ratgo solution?

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Or use existing solution zen 16/17 for z-wave or an MHCozy for zigbee, ecolink tilt sensor, and if needed a security 2.0 to dry contact (available for $20).


Thx. I will check it out!

I gave up on myQ. If they are going to abandon everyone that uses home-bridge to integrate with HomeKit then we all need to just dump them all together.

This is what i did.

The red and yellow connectors go to the magnetic side of the relay.
The 2 blue ones go to the open/close circuit side of the relay.
Polarity on the red and yellow doesn't matter.

Since these are matter plugs i did all the automation in hubitat.
Virtual switch that turns off in 1 second.
Rule that watches for virtual switch to turn on. Then turn on the smart switch and turn it off instantly.(instantly turning it off is critical)
I used homekit to create a geofence automation. When someone comes home the door opens.

If the door is closed it will open.
If the door is open it will close.
If the door is in transit it will stop.
if the door is activated again after a stop it reverses direction.

In the future i will had a contact sensor to know if the door is actually closed or open.

12v DC plug
12v relay
Smart plug/switch
couple pieces of wire and some crimp on wire ends.

ZERO stats go to the door opener company. +++
No possibility of the next smart garage door opener company being sold off to myQ or becoming partners with myQ so no chances of getting shut down again. +++

NO SOLDERING. :slight_smile:



Power Supply:


My assembled Garage door opener:

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oooor... just get the Ratgdo (or Konnected version) and simplify your life!


Ratigo is $45. Konnected is $75. I did the same thing for $27

Not really.

All you've done is setup door control using a relay, which in turn in controlled by some Hubitat-compatible smart plug. This is no different than what many of us did 4 or 5 years ago.

There's no mechanism to determine door position, which both RatGDO and the Konnected versions have. There's no light status/control, no obstruction status, no wireless lockout. And there's no broad compatibility with automation systems using MQTT etc. etc.

Using a Zooz Zen16/17 or a MIMOLite would have been a step closer to what the RatGDO does, because both of them permit determination of door position using a wired sensor.