Konnected "Smart Garage Door Opener"?

Yes, great Idea.
I have MyQ open and closing our Genie garage doors.
That works really good since family uses their phone app to manage doors from their work location.
Did put konnectged, Hubitat and MyQ on their phones.
Figured the MyQ HPM integration should have worked on Hubitat otherwise why is it even in HPM?
Thought side by side Tiles would work with the zwave tilts installed. Then create rules to close the darn door when thier kids leave them open hi hi. My personal house is no problem I have it already wired like you guys' suggested THANKS! Happy 4th

Understand that neither HPM nor the MyQ integration are natively part of Hubitat. HPM is a community contribution to make installing and maintaining other community apps/drivers easier, but ultimately is dependent on the individual developers themselves to make their stuff work with it. Listing of an app/driver in HPM should not be construed as a commitment of support by any one.

The MyQ integration, as far as I know, is no longer supported by anyone. Even when it works, you can't get around the cloud dependency and the whims of MyQ that it will continue to work.


I never liked the MY Q... Had one and ditched it when I got rid of wink. I really didn't want to rely on cloud based stuff. I did the zen-16 and an ecolink tilt sensor. Runs in paralell with the oem system. Everyone in the house can control it from their phones as well. Gives up/down status on the icon even when the oem system is used (garage door buttons). The last thing I may do is add a keypad to the garage for when I need to let people in when I'm not there.

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Hi @wolferjerry , here’s a link to the above mentioned device:

You can also easily modify one yourself per my earlier post:

Hope these help to give you some ideas.

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Returned the Konnected Garage door openers but will likely install them when they have their Phone app and HPM Konnected Garage door openers implemented in Hubitat. Like their overall design along with already install Konnected for security.

Since we have a Cox 1Gig data service seems that the cloud version of MyQ implementation works ok. Met my objective to have my daughters garage doors close in an hour if left open. As usual Hubitat users gave me great help. 672southmain confirmed MyQ works in Hubitat using last version of Dominic’s code as installed by HPM. Figured out why all the goofy error messages. Happy to pass the working MyQ implementation to anyone if they like. Only additional add was the zwave econlink garage door tilts to the already installed Hubitat C7s & C8s using HPM to install Dominic’s MyQ code.