Issues with Iris Smart Plugs as Z-Wave Repeaters

I have 15 plugs using the HE Z-wave repeater driver and I usually keep an eye on these plugs after reboot or such by looking at the Z-wave info page and so far I don't have any issue with my Z-wave mesh. I have 100+ devices on Z-wave alone.
I am starting to worry after reading this post. I did have similar issue with ST before.

I ran a z-wave repair this morning after moving one about 20 feet and it completed with no errors


I say this page is pretty important after a reboot.

Are you using Zz to place elements at the bottom of the list?

If so, you can also do this with the "~" character :slight_smile: If not, I'm curious about what Zz stands for.

I do...and AA to get them to the top.

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Yeah, that's exactly what Zz is. Bottom of the pile. Thanks for the ~ suggestion. Didn't know that one. I use space for top of the list.

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Now I got one Iris hub too after reading your post, I want to update my plugs but by the way, I'm using them as a z wave repeaters without any problems, and for zigbee repeaters too.

I literally just got my new $27 Iris Hub up and running. I paired 1 Iris Outlet (3210-L) to it and 1 Iris Motion Sensor (3326-L).

I then logged into and went under Troubleshooting -> All Devices to see my device firmware revisions as shown below.

Now I just need to cycle through all of my Iris devices to make sure they are up to date.

@srwhite - do you have a list of current firmware revisions by Iris device Model Numbers?

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Do you have to pair both Zigbee and Z-wave of the plug for update?

My understanding is that the Iris hub pairs via Zigbee first, and then automatically pairs the z-wave radio as well, for the 3210-L outlets.

@ogiewon any luck getting any of your devices updated yet?

You can use most standard ascii characters. Only ~ (and a few others) are listed after A-Z. Most other characters will supersede letters :slight_smile:

Use this link for firmware versions.

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Looks like latest firmware for these devices is as follows:

3210-L - 0x20085010
3210-L2 - 0x20115010

Iris Motion
3326-L - 0x1C005310

Iris Door/Window
3320-L - 0x1C005310

Iris Smart Fob (4 button)
3450-L - 15005301

Iris Water Leak
3315-L - 1c005310

Update 12-12-2018: I successfully have updated 3 x motion sensors, 4 x water sensors, and 1 x outlet thus far...


This is the latest.

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Someone linked my thread from ST already. Those are the latest versions to my knowledge.

I'm not sure how it does it, but the Iris hub is able to pair both radios in the plug automatically. I don't have a Zigbee sniffer so I'm not able to validate my theory, but I believe there may be a Zigbee command send to the plug that puts the Z-Wave radio into inclusion. I wish I could validate that somehow.

I have a 3210-L with both protocols paired, and have never seen any issues that I know of. No errors in Z-Wave Repairs. How are the problems manifesting for most people?

I had two different devices disappear from my device list.

I purchased mine less than 2 months ago, so maybe there's a chance it shipped with the latest firmware.

I bought mine about 3 weeks ago :rofl: