Lowes Iris Zigbee Devices Available


Thank you for the heads up. Just ordered 10 as back stock for failures and new ideas.

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Are those the V2 sensors?


This is Gen 1:

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Thanks. How long do these last on battery? And what's the motion reset time for them?

I don't use them with a battery.. have modified mine to work with USB. Reset time is like 30-45 seconds or so. If you plan your rules right it won't matter all that much.. just include the extra time as timeout for motion stopped activity.



Mine Iris 3326-L motion sensors last 6-18 months on a battery, depending on how active the area is.

They send an 'inactive' status after 30 seconds of no activity, assuming they are on the current firmware revision.

Note: If you have a SmartThings hub, these can have their firmware upgraded to the latest version by simply pairing them with ST, which will perform an over the air upgrade.


U have 5v running to these without issue?
I wired mine once, but used the 3v from an esp8266 dev board. Didn't realize they could handle straight 5v.

No you need a board.. I've used these:

also have a set of these but have not tried them yet:


Thank you. How can I upgrade their firmware on Hubitat?

You can't... That's why I mentioned using a SmartThings hub (v2 or newer, I believe) as that is the only way possible that I know of, now that Iris has been shut down.

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The updated firmware is not a requirement. The sensors will most likely work just fine. However, if you have an issue, at least you now know of one possible solution. Hopefully you have a friend with SmartThings that you could convince to pair your motion sensors, verify/update the firmware version, and then unpair them and return to you. Add a 12-pack and a pizza and you've got a party! :partying_face:

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Appreciate you providing the solution. What's the latest firmware version for these sensors?

That's a great idea. I have too many sensors around the house to wire them all. However, I do have a couple that the battery tabs are broken on and I could convert them to USB rather than trying to fix the tabs.

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Wait - you updated an outlet?? At any rate maybe a good time to pair all Iris stuff to my old ST before Samsung gets serious about changing things.

Back in that thread, I was using an Iris Hub that I bought specifically to update the firmware on these devices. ST will not update an Iris outlet.

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You rat, I just put in an offer and paid for 20 more. :joy:

I didn't see a step down in the pic so I was immediately intrigued.

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Has anyone experienced any issues with these 3210-L2 plugs, specifically on the Z-Wave side, specifically with them joining the lifeline? I used @srwhite 's driver and it says β€œGroup 1 not found, configure device!” but configuring does nothing. Would a Zniffer help in visualizing the issue at all?