Lowes Iris Zigbee Devices Available

While our favorite ebay supplier appears to be out of many of the Iris devices many of us have found to work extremely well with Hubitat... there is another site that has some of these devices available, including motion sensors, contact sensors, and the newer 3210-L2 outlets.

Update: They appear to be sold out of contact sensors as of 5/15/2020.


Update: I ordered 10 motion and 10 contact sensors which were very well packaged and shipped very quickly.


Nice find!

Just tried to purchase 10 Iris motion but the cheapest shipping option was UPS® (UPS® Ground) $18.33. Deal breaker for me. :neutral_face: Crazy that they don't offer a USPS option since they say they are located in Texas.

Sent them a message, will see what comes back.


It’s over 100 for me.

I’m in canada.

Yep...the shipping is a bit high. Under $7 a sensor is still a pretty good price. :wink:

I’d buy another 10 motion sensors if it weren’t for the fact that my wife would kill me. They have worked great for me.


I recently ordered from them, 3 days from placing order to having it in my hands. USPS Priority.

That shipping cost is irritatingly high for sure, but I searched around and the total cost per device still came to less than buying the same quantity via other channels (on that day at least), so I pulled the trigger ... and now i'm swimming in iris sensors, life is good :slight_smile:


Got 10 motions and 10 contacts for under 5 per device. I was looking to get a few reserve devices (future proof) and a few for a friend so your Timing was excellent. Thanks @ogiewon.

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I still have a bunch of contact sensors left which I will sell 10 for same price and ship it via usps to keep cost down if you all want some Drop me a message

I know the motion sensors have a good reputation, but how are the contact sensors?

The Iris 3320-L contact sensors are pretty good. I just bought 30 more to go with the 25 I already had. With $25 shipping, they will cost me less than $6. Which is pretty amazing -- back in the day I got the ones I already have from Lowes for about $10 each.

FWIW: I contacted this seller Saturday morning and had them change the contact sensor listing from a lot of 100 to a lot of 10. I've not gotten my order yet. I'm not associated with them.

(and I don't use Hubitat yet -- I'm just dipping my toes here to see if I should switch over from SmartThings)

I’ve been using Hubitat for over 2 years having grown sick of ST outages and issues. I haven’t regretted that decision and don’t miss ST one bit. This community is very active and full of wonderful people sharing many cool things.


Shipping is US $211 to Australia !

I see now they have the IRIS 3210-L2 Smart Plug. It would be nice if they did a price break in lots of five.

Agreed, the contact sensors (and motions) are great; just ordered a lot of 10 3320-L. Even with $18 shipping, a very good deal.

These sensors have great durability and battery life; aside from a couple of duds out-of-the box they are trouble freee-- have had them working well outdoors, in attic, and freezer going on three years now. No troubles in temps ranging from -15 to 125F. Finally replaced the battery in my living room motion sensor (installed 12/17); still working but reported 22%... and this on a sensor reporting hundreds of events in a day.


Don't understand how the $18 shipping charge is a "deal breaker." With the shipping cost added in, the cost works out to about $7 per sensor. That's a great price for a good sensor.

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I ordered a few 10 packs of the motion sensors. Arrived very quickly and they appear to be brand new (individually bubble wrapped and each has two double sided mounting strips, but YMMV). Personally, I think this was a great deal and well worth the seemingly high shipping cost.


Yep, you really can't go wrong with this deal.
I ordered the 10 pack of the contact sensors, shipping to KY, was $21.51 and at first I wasn't to happy about that.
But when you break it down (for me) to each sensor and what all you get, it's not a bad deal after all.
I paid a total of $71.50, which makes each contact sensor $7.15 each.

Each contact sensor is New and comes with the contact magnet, battery, and mounting hardware.
I'm really happy with all of it.


I bought 10 of each earlier this week and I’m tempted to buy more even though I don’t currently have a use for them. Hard to resist the price per sensor especially with the reputation of the devices and the knowledge that inventory is limited long term.


Your post just pushed me over the edge... I now have 10 more motion and 10 more contact sensors on the way! Hope my wife doesn't notice... :wink: